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The PGA is embracing the sports betting industry in a truly unique way. Since PASPA was struck down in 2018, this association has worked to merge golf with sports gambling in a way that’s both ethical and safe. This week, the PGA’s commissioner Jay Monahan says new PGA gambling announcements will be announced by the end of 2019.

Monahan expects sports betting to help the sport of golf. Viewership on the PGA Tour has been down over the past few years and gambling may be the best way to bring back eyeballs to the sport. Today, we’re looking at what developments will be announced this year.

Sports Betting Growing Around the United States

For decades, the only state able to legally offer sports betting odds was Nevada. In May of 2018, this all changed. The US Supreme Court ruled PASPA unconstitutional, opening the doors for every state to set its own laws on sports gambling.

Almost immediately, a number of states completely legalized sports betting. New Jersey, in particular, has been profiting massively from this industry. More than $2 billion has already been spent on sports wagers here in less than a year. More than $320 million was bet on the 2019 Super Bowl in New Jersey.

More than 10 states have now fully legalized sports gambling. Many more have pending legislation to legalize and regulate this industry. Within a few years, every single US state may have legalized sports betting operations.

Online sports betting is growing fast, as well. A number of states including New Jersey and Nevada operate their own internet sports betting platforms. It’s clear that sports betting is becoming normalized in the US. The PGA is now embracing this industry, as well.

What Are the New PGA Gambling Announcements?

Jay Monahan, commissioner of the PGA, knows how much sports betting can help the sport of golf. In 2017, viewership for the Masters Tournament was the lowest it has been in 13 years. Things improved in 2019 thanks to Tiger Woods’ dramatic victory, yet overall, golf is not attracting as many new fans as it did a few decades ago.

Monahan has worked hard to ensure the PGA Tour works with sports betting, rather than against it. The exact plans to merge sports gambling with golf are unknown. Monahan claims that the new PGA gambling announcements will be slowly released over the next several months.

“We’ve spent a lot of time over the last two and a half years clearly understanding all of our options and getting ourselves in a position where we can participate,” Monahan said. “Participate with the right partners, and participate in a way that we think resonates with fans. Without getting in front of it, I think you can expect to hear developments from us in the second half of this year.”

One initiative that is definitely coming is a ShotLink Plus data system. This tool collects statistical data as tournaments progress. It will significantly increase the PGA’s in-game betting experience.

What Tournaments Are Available to Bet on in 2019?

There are still a number of major tournaments that golf fans can bet on. Most of the top US sports betting sites provide members with a wide range of different betting for every single PGA Major. The odds provided below are courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook.

On June 16th, the 119th edition of the US Open takes place. At the moment, Brooks Koepka is the betting favorite to win with odds of +550. Fan-favorite Dustin Johnson isn’t far behind with current odds of +800.

Later this summer, the Open Championship will take place. Once again, Koepka is listed as the significant betting favorite to win with current odds of +800. Rory McIlroy is listed as the second betting favorite at the moment with current odds of +900.

Golfing fans around the country are eagerly awaiting the new PGA gambling announcements. Jay Monahan is working hard to ensure these gaming operations build a new fanbase while keeping the integrity of golf in place. Stay tuned for updates on the announcements as they come out!

What do you think the new PGA gambling announcements will be? Will sports betting help to grow the PGA’s fan base? Let us know in the comment section below!

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