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Showtime Sports has released a new trailer for a docuseries on the sports gambling market. According to the show’s synopsis, it will explore the industry, both legal and illegal, surrounding the 2018/19 NFL season. The new Showtime series on sports betting is already raising some eyebrows and should be a fascinating look at one of the most popular forms of gambling in the US.

The docuseries is scheduled to begin airing on March 24th. Let’s look at what we know so far and talk about the current legal situation surrounding sports gambling in the United States.

“Action,” and What We Know About the Series so Far

Showtime Sports has released several fantastic documentaries over the years. “Action” will be this company’s first foray into the world of gambling. There are a few things we already know about the show.

The series will follow the lives of professional gamblers, bookies, and oddsmakers throughout the most recent NFL season. This comes shortly after the US Supreme Court ruled against PASPA, opening the doors for states to legalize sports betting. It aims to show the ups and downs of the industry for both individuals and communities.

“Action” will culminate with the 2019 Super Bowl. Director Luke Korem commented on the project by stating:

“This is a sub-culture that reflects the extreme risk, reward and uncertainty we find in our everyday lives. I’m thrilled that Showtime is allowing us to capture these stories at such a unique moment in history.”

Showtime Series on Sports Betting Already Facing Criticism

Just two days after its trailer was released, “Action” is already facing criticism from people inside the sports betting industry. One figure in the series is drawing particular ire. ‘Vegas’ Dave Oancea seems to be a main subject for the show, despite being recently convicted on charges of using phony social security number inside casinos.

Oancea has been a controversial figure in the sports betting industry for years. He’s become one of the most prominent gamblers in the world after claiming to win millions on sports gambling in Las Vegas. He considers himself to be the “number one sports information consultant as seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, USA Today, and Forbes.”

His feature on the show is rubbing many the wrong way. Exactly how the new Showtime series on sports betting portrays Dave Oancea remains to be seen.

Current State of Sports Betting in the United States

As we mentioned earlier, this docuseries comes less than a year after the Supreme Court ruled against PASPA. Individual states now have the ability to set their own laws regarding sports betting. A number of states including New York have recently approved bills to allow sports betting inside casinos.

Eight states have fully legalized sports betting already. Two states have bills approved and are waiting for specific regulations. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see all fifty states allowing at least some form of legalized sports gambling in the future.

Many people in the US still choose to make their bets through online sports gambling websites. Many of these websites offer odds on just about every major sporting event taking place around the world.

The majority of states with legalized sports gambling laws are already reaping the monetary rewards. New Jersey is currently setting records in their gambling industry, and Vegas earned millions in sports betting revenue over the most recent NFL season.

Hopefully, Showtime Sports represents the sports betting industry fairly. It’s been a legitimate revenue source for many states and has helped to employ thousands of people around the country.

Are you planning to watch the new Showtime series on sports betting? Will it present the sports gambling industry in a bad light? Let us know what you expect in the comment section below!

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