New York Giants and DraftKings Team up for Sports Betting

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Draftking NY Giants

An exciting deal took place this week as the New York Giants and DraftKings entered into an exclusive sports betting partnership that will benefit both entities and the fans of the popular football franchise.

This agreement also lays out a number of options including that DraftKings will operate the sportsbook, virtual sports lounge for the Giants, and the online wagers. This is now the third deal that DraftKings has made with NFL teams, with the other two being the Patriots and the Cowboys.

The Official Sports Betting Partner of the NY Giants

Now that DraftKings has announced that it will be the official sports betting partner of the Giants, the details are starting to become available to the public.

DraftKings will not only handle all of the sports betting operations, but it will also act as the daily fantasy sports partner with exclusive access to the team’s logos and trademarks in order to market and build the brand. What hasn’t been leaked however is the financial terms of the agreement.

When speaking on the deal, DraftKings’ chief business officer, Ezra Kucharz referred to it as a “multi-segment relationship.” That obviously leaves the door open to a variety of possibilities in the future.

Some information has also been released regarding the digital gaming rights, which DraftKings also has exclusive access to. DraftKings will run the Giants’ virtual sports lounge which can be found in the stadium.

The way the virtual sports lounge works is that it will be live on game days as soon as fans are able to attend football games in person.

Kucharz went on to explain that it’s about finding a way to keep the fans happy and service them with a stellar sportsbook experience. What makes this deal especially exciting is that it can really benefit the fans that want to be part of the action, and placing bets, but can’t actually get to the stadium in person.

DraftKings Has Made Its Intentions Clear

With this being the third exclusive deal that DraftKings has signed with an NFL team, it’s clear that the sportsbook is looking to become a real player and leader in terms of market shares for sports gambling.

DraftKings also announced an unrelated deal this week that DK has teamed up with ESPN in order to have its content integrated with the network. That alone was big news and was enough to prompt shares of the company to rise.

Draft Kings has already partnered with the Chicago Cubs, which is its first within the MLB, and an equity deal with Michael Jordan that caused a lot of excitement.

There is also the fantasy sports deals with three National Basketball Association teams. The list goes on and on in terms of the partnerships that DraftKings has created in effort to expand its portfolio and take a significant piece of the sports betting pie.

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