New York Not Likely to See Online Sports Betting Before 2021

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It’s a setback that many New Yorkers will be disappointed to hear, but it seems as though online sports betting won’t be available before 2021.

While the hopes were high that mobile sports betting would be launched this year, that dream was squashed as Governor Andrew Cuomo closed the budget for the fiscal year. Sports betting has already been made legal in the state, but it was the mobile extension that many people were eagerly anticipating.

In Competition With Its Neighbors

While the fact that New York has gone ahead and legalized sports betting already helps to keep it somewhat competitive, the reality that neighboring state New Jersey also offers mobile sports betting puts New York at a huge disadvantage.

It’s quite difficult to compete with the convenience and ease that mobile betting offers, which is why many were pushing for New York to give the green light to the mobile form of betting.

All you have to do is take a look at the numbers that New Jersey has posted in order to see just how lucrative the market could be.

In 2019, there was $4.5 billion wagered in the state of New Jersey with 84% of those bets taking place over mobile devices. In other words, there is a massive market potential for New York in terms of online sports betting.

Won’t Give Up Without a Fight

Some aren’t willing to go down without a fight though. New York State Senator Joseph Abbaddo is prepared to wait until 2021 to raise the issue again if needed, but will continue to push forward through 2020 the best he can:

“I’m not giving up the fight. New York calls itself excelsior (State motto which means “ever upward” in Latin), well in sports betting we are clearly not excelsior.”

Abbaddo has been championing mobile betting for the state for quite some time now, especially since legalized betting is restricted to just four upstate land-based casinos. It’s hardly the widespread sports betting that people had hoped for.

According to the revenue data, only $9.7 million was generated from July 2019 to January 2020. Compare that to the $243.3 million in New Jersey for the same time period and it’s clear which state is coming out ahead.

Addaboo remains hopeful that Governor Cuomo will see the potential in allowing online sports betting before the year is over. The fact that it could bring in a sizeable amount of revenue for the state, that is blowing through its budget rather quickly at the moment, could help to close up that gap:

“It’s almost irresponsible at this point not to consider online sports gambling to help address where we now find ourselves.”

The Year is Far from Over

So while it seems the idea of online sports betting in New York is dead in the water for the moment, there are plenty of those out there who are still fighting for it and working to change the mind of lawmakers so that 2020 can usher in a new mobile age of sports wagering.

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