New York State Senator Continues to Push for Mobile Sports Betting

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New York Senator Mobile Gambling

For those in New York State who were left feeling less than impressed with the amount of online sports betting available, it looks like that could change in 2021.

Currently, New Jersey is leading the pack where online sports betting is concerned, with almost 90% of its bets occurring online. With that said it seems New York may not be far behind if state Senator Joe Addabbo is able to shift things his way.

The Senator is hoping to “inspire” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to go ahead and sign a mobile betting bill into law by as early as the end of 2020.

Why the Push to Increase Mobile Betting?

The potential revenue from online sports betting is a major reason why Senator Addabbo and other proponents are pushing for the Governor to sign off on this.

The Senator estimates that online sports betting could bring in about $200 million dollars in revenue for the state of New York, which he believes could really help the state out especially because of the economical downfall due to the current health crisis:

“We do not as a state have the luxury of declining revenue at this point. We have a severe budget deficit. Even prior to the coronavirus we had it, so now there’s a need for revenue. I think we all share the concern for those who have an addiction, and right now, New Yorkers are going to Jersey to do mobile sports betting, they’re doing it illegally, so we can’t help them because we don’t know who they are.”

As the Senator explained, the fact is that New Yorkers are simply crossing state lines and placing bets in New Jersey, which means New Jersey is getting the revenues instead.

Despite the success of other states who have already legalized online and mobile sports betting, New York failed to see the importance of it. That can all change if Senator Addabbo can convince the Governor just how beneficial this revenue stream could be for the state.

Looking Forward to a Prosperous Future

There are plenty of political and industry leaders who aren’t just looking at legalizing mobile sports betting as an immediate benefit, but also looking at it in the long term.

Depending on what route the state takes, it could be just as competitive as New Jersey and even Nevada within a few short years. This is a prospect that has plenty of investors, casinos, and leaders very interested. The fact that New York has taken such a cautious approach to sports betting in general has irked plenty of people.

Where Does Addabbo’s Bill Stand at the Moment?

It was able to pass in the Senate with a huge majority (57-5), but then got held up in the Assembly. It’s here that the bill is being met by plenty of criticism mainly from Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. This means as of right now there is no definitive answer, but Addabbo is still pushing forward and looking for a way to open up the mobile sports betting market in the state.

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