NEWCO Formed to Lobby for Online Gambling in the UK

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Some of the most powerful gambling associations in the UK are teaming up. News has come out this week that a number of gambling groups have joined under the group name NEWCO. According to reports, these groups will work together to lobby for online gambling in the UK.

This comes after a number of recent regulations on the UK online gambling industry. These associations will be working together to help curb the efforts to introduce new restrictions on their market.

Recent Regulations to UK Online Gambling Industry

The UK is the world’s hotbed for online gambling. Many of the biggest and most popular online gambling operators in the world were founded here. In recent years, lawmakers in the UK have begun setting restrictions for these companies.

In early February, the government here announced new laws requiring gaming operators to perform early identity checks on their players. In the past, these companies had a 48-hour window before performing an identity check.

Less than a week later, the Gambling Commission here set a number of new gambling advertising restrictions. Companies can no longer target anyone under the age of 25 in their ads. There are also new restrictions on social media marketing.

Last week, the government announced that they were considering a ban on credit cards for online gambling in the UK. Fortunately, the Gambling Commission is asking for the public’s opinion on this decision. The public is sure to push against these plans.

NEWCO is forming to fight against the plethora of new regulations. This group is working together to protect their businesses from restrictions.

NEWCO Aims to Combat Additional Regulations

According to the group’s official job ad, NEWCO was formed as “the point of contact and a voice for the industry on all the issues of importance to regulators, legislators, key decision-makers, and the media.” Their primary mission is to combat additional regulations to the online gambling industry.

The Remote Gambling Association and Association of British Bookmakers are both expected to be part of this merger. These are the two biggest gambling associations in the country. NEWCO is currently looking for a CEO and chair to lead them forward. The group has stated they intend to change both the public and political perception of online gambling.

NEWCO is looking for qualified applicants with a track record of successfully lobbying in British parliament. The CEO must also have a network of international and domestic politics and media groups.

There is no indication on when NEWCO will begin operating. They are clearly looking for qualified individuals to help with their causes. Most analysts predict that the group will be formally established and operating by mid-March. Their attempts to stop restrictions toward online gambling in the UK will begin immediately.

Is Online Gambling in the UK Facing Any New Restrictions?

As we mentioned before, the UK’s Gambling Commission is considering a ban on credit cards for online gambling. This is the biggest step against the online gambling industry to date. There hasn’t been any recent news on whether or not a credit card ban will actually go through.

There has been no word on any future regulations. If NEWCO is operational in the next few months, they will be instrumental in stopping the government from adding new restrictions.

Time will tell how online gambling in the UK is regulated. The government is making it clear they want to crack down on any dubious activities related to this industry.

Do you think NEWCO will help to stop the UK government from implementing new regulations on the online gambling industry? What will the online gambling market here look like in the next few years? Make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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