Nigeria Cracks Down on Foreign Lottery in Efforts to Tighten Gambling Regulations

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Over the past year, lawmakers in Nigeria have worked to better improve the country’s set of gambling laws. Gambling addiction is on the rise here and many point towards the lack of oversight towards the industry as the main culprit. Recently, Nigeria’s gambling regulations have begun to get stricter.

Things are changing fast here. It’s possible that a completely new set of gaming laws will eventually be presented in Nigeria. Today, we’re going to look at some of the changes that have recently been implemented here.

Let’s get into it!

Gambling Laws in Nigeria, Explained

There’s a rich history of gambling in Nigeria. For decades, locals here have engaged in a variety of legal and illegal forms of gambling. Only somewhat recently has the government come up with a true set of regulations to monitor different forms of gambling.

Interestingly, many traditional options are actually illegal in Nigeria. The 1990 Criminal Code Act clearly splits what is allowed and not allowed in the country. Under this set of laws, lottery gambling, land-based casinos, and sports betting are perfectly legal.

Unfortunately, roulette, dice games, and non-skilled gambling card games remain banned in the country. Slot machines are only allowed in certain licensed venues.

Nigeria’s gambling regulations aren’t entirely effective, though. The government has a very difficult time tracking the country’s gambling industry. Today, a huge number of small illegal gambling establishments are spread around Nigeria.

Attempting to regulate online gambling in Nigeria is proving to be even more difficult.

Recently, the government has decided to change its laws towards the lottery industry. It’s interesting news that will likely have a major impact moving forward.

Here’s How Nigeria’s Gambling Regulations Are Changing

As we’ve already mentioned, the lottery is a legal and highly popular form of gambling in Nigeria. Here, both a government-run lottery and many foreign lottery options have been available. Soon, that is changing.

The Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission has officially prohibited all foreign lottery companies from operating inside the country. Many felt this was a long time coming.

Over the past few years, there has been a serious increase in the number of foreign lottery winnings that have not been paid out. Officials here claim there are six companies that have been involved with these failed payouts.

As a result, these foreign lotteries are now banned.

“The fundamental criteria for the business of lottery are the transparency and credibility of the draw process,” the Lottery Commission said. “Where they are absent, the games are compromised and provide opportunities for fraud. This breach of trust is detrimental to the playing public and the reputation of the lottery business.”

The government is likely to increase the number of regulated lottery options are available within the country. We’ll need to wait and see exactly what happens.

More African Countries Crack Down on Gambling Industry

Nigeria’s gambling regulations are beginning to change in a major way. This isn’t the only country in Africa that’s embracing change, though. Kenya has recently been undergoing some massive changes towards its laws on sports betting, too.

Kenya is known for having one of the largest sports betting markets in Africa. Unfortunately, the government here has been making it extremely difficult for sports betting companies to operate. It all stems from issues with the country’s tax structure for sports gambling operators.

Officials believe that many companies have failed to pay what they owe in taxes. The government claims these companies owe a combined $586 million in taxes. The issue is currently being fought in court.

South Africa has been interested in new gambling regulations, as well. Here, rates of gambling addiction have been soaring. The government wants to change this trend by limiting the number of gambling options that are available.

Nigeria’s gambling regulations are changing in a major way. Hopefully, the decision to ban foreign lotteries proves to be effective. No one wants to see the country’s entire lottery system shut down.

Stay tuned for more Nigerian gambling news over the next few months!

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