No College Football Wagers for Oregon’s State Lottery App

A few months ago, the Oregon Lottery announced that they were going to release a sports betting app this fall just in time for football season. As we close in on the soft release date, the Oregon Lottery recently announced that their app will be for professional sports only. That means, sports bettors in the state of Oregon will not be allowed to legally wager on college football and other collegiate sports. Although this approach severely limits gaming revenue, sports betting proponents are hoping that the new app will spark state leaders toward allowing wagers on collegiate athletic events in the near future.

Oregon Lottery’s Sports Betting App

Oregon Lottery’s new app is called Scoreboard and it’s being prepped for release prior to the start of the NFL season on September 5th. Unfortunately, college football sports bettors won’t be able to wager on their favorite schools like the Oregon Ducks or any other university in the country because the state agency felt that professional sports was easier to market to a general audience:

“As we’ve been looking to get back into the sports betting market — it’s been more than a decade since we’ve had any — we’re kind of easing into it. Professional sports is an easier sell to the broader audience. We may revisit (wagering on collegiate events) later on. It’s a business decision for it right now. There is concern on our commission about adding colleges, never say never, but we thought it best to shy away from colleges right now.”

The lottery partnered with SB Tech to create this app, which is the same company who partnered with the Golden Nugget in New Jersey. Currently, state personnel are testing this app to work out any glitches and other functions.

The Oregon Lottery also partnered with GeoComply to ensure that this app will only be available within state borders. Like other states with legal online sports betting, this geofencing prevents residents outside of Oregon from accessing the app.

More Details About the App

SB Tech has already proven their value in the online sports betting trade with highly successful online platforms. A growing number of industry analysts feel that the Oregon Lottery will benefit greatly from this partnership. The Scoreboard app itself is also expected to be a hit with users. The Scoreboard app will reportedly include the following types of bets.

  • Outright Winners – This type of wagering simply refers to picking the winner of a game. For NFL betting, it’s picking the winning team. In other words, it’s betting on the moneyline.
  • Game Spreads – In addition to moneylines, spreads are the most popular type of wagers. It’s where a bettor will wager on whether or not a team can cover the designated points. For example, the Patriots are favored by 3 points over the Rams. Bettors can choose to wager on the Patriots to win by more than 3 points or for the Rams to not lose by more than 3 points.
  • Game Totals – Also known as “Over/Unders,” this wager allows users to wager on whether or not the combined teams will score over or under the total points line.
  • Parlays – This wager is when users can bet on two or more teams to win at a time. For example, betting that the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics will win their games. To successfully win this parlay bet, both teams have to win their games. If one team loses, then the wager is a loss.
  • In-Play Wagering – Arguably the most exciting feature of the Scoreboard app, users will be able to place wagers while the game is active.
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