Norway Wants to Curb Gambling on Politics Online

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Norway has an interesting set of gambling laws. Here, only Norsk Tipping, a government-owned gambling operator, can legally offer online sports betting options. This company is now asking Norwegian gamblers to stop gambling on politics online.

Norsk Tipping believes that gambling on political elections can encourage manipulation of the polls. Lawmakers in this country are now working hard to crack down on all forms of unregulated online gambling. Let’s look at what exactly is happening here.

Norway Continues to Crack Down on the Online Gambling Industry

As we’ve already mentioned, only one company is legally allowed to offer gambling services in Norway. But there are still a lot of online gambling sites in Europe that accept Norwegian players. For more than a year, lawmakers in this country have begun cracking down on these gambling sites.

In November of 2018, lawmakers issued a warning to several major internet gambling operators. They formally asked these companies to stop offering their services to Norwegian residents. As you might expect, this warning fell on deaf ears.

Most of these companies continue to accept payments from Norwegian gamblers. In February, the Norwegian gaming authority began asking local banks to stop accepting payments from offshore gambling sites. Several gambling companies began pushing against this measure, claiming it violated EU laws.

The gaming authority won its case in court and has officially demanded that all Norwegian banks stop accepting foreign online gambling payments. A second hearing on this issue is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks. Gambling operators will once again try to convince the courts that it’s within their right to accept gamblers from Norway.

Norsk Tipping Issues Warning About Gambling on Politics Online

Despite the government’s best efforts, online gambling sites based in other countries are continuing to grow more popular in Norway. There are still ways for gamblers in this country to make wagers through these sites. E-wallets, for example, allow gamblers to make and collect bets without going through a bank.

Norsk Tipping recognizes this and is now urging Norwegian residents to stop gambling on politics online. This gambling operator believes that betting on politics jeopardizes the legitimacy of elections and can have major consequences.

Tonje Sagstuen, head of communications for Norsk Tipping, recently gave her take on why political betting should be banned.

It would be possible to [offer odds on the elections], but there are many good reasons not to,” she said. “The most important thing is that if money is at stake on the outcome of local elections, it can affect both the election and its result in a number of ways. It could affect how you vote yourself [and] it allows for manipulation.

Interestingly, Norsk Tipping isn’t calling for a total ban on political wagering. The company feels that odds for political elections in other countries are fair game. Wagering on municipal elections, however, should be banned as it may have an actual effect on the election outcomes.

Political Odds Available Right Now

It’s no surprise that Norsk Tipping is warning about the dangers of gambling on politics online. Today, residents in the country’s 11 municipalities took to the voting booths to elect new representatives. It’s unclear how many Norwegians may have wagered on the results of these elections.

There are some great political odds for other major elections taking place in the future. Betway is currently offering a wide range of amazing political odds right now!

One of the most popular bets is on whether or not Brexit will end in a no-deal. At the moment, the betting odds that the UK leaves the EU before striking a deal are set at 3.55. The odds that a deal is made are currently at 1.25.

Members of Betway can also place their wagers on who wins the 2020 US Presidential election. Donald Trump comes in as the significant betting favorite with odds of 1.95. Elizabeth Warren is the second-highest betting favorite with current odds of 5.50. Want to go with an underdog? Consider wagering on Bernie Sanders to win, with odds of 11.00.

Norway is clearly not a fan of gambling on politics online. Many are still hoping that lawmakers here will allow foreign gaming companies to operate in the country. Stay tuned for more updates on Norway’s gambling laws over the next few months!

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