Officials Continue to Debate California’s Sports Betting Rules

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  • More than half the United States now has a legal, regulated sports betting industry up and running. 
  • California appears on track to legalize sports betting by the end of 2022. 
  • Several major groups have recently begun to debate California’s sports betting rules. 

More states around the country continue to push sports betting bills through the legislative process. Over in California, however, lawmakers have found issues agreeing with regulations for this form of gambling. It now seems that many city and tribal officials are once again debating California’s sports betting rules.

Many analysts believe that California could grow one of the most successful sports betting industries in the United States. There is a real hope that the first sportsbooks will launch here next year.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

More Groups Disagree on California’s Sports Betting Rules

More than 30 states around the country have legalized sports gambling since the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. That includes several states known for their anti-gambling stances. These states simply cannot ignore the massive revenue potential from this industry.

California is one of the states that is yet to formally legalize sports betting. Much of this is due to the unusual regulations surrounding gambling in the state. At the moment, different tribal groups control all forms of gambling throughout the state, including casinos.

It now seems that different city and tribal leaders are disagreeing over California’s sports betting rules. Reports surfaced from the Las Vegas Review-Journal that claim a sports betting initiative from four different tribal groups has obtained the necessary amount of signatures needed to go to a public vote next year.

Meanwhile, an opposite initiative has been presented by city leaders, who feel that sports betting should become available across various brick-and-mortar entities and online. The tribes are pushing for sports betting to be limited to just licensed casinos and race tracks.

There are key differences in where taxable revenue from sports betting will be allocated, too. It will take time for officials to come to an agreement on these rules. Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few months!

August is Expected to Bring a Sports Betting Revenue Surge

2021 has been a record-breaking year for the entire US gambling industry. Casinos around the United States have been bringing in a staggering amount of money throughout the year. Sports betting operators have been performing great, as well.

Most states reported a drop in sports betting revenue this past July. This is mostly due to the lack of major, professional sporting events. August now seems likely to be a successful month for the companies offering sports betting options.

The Summer Olympics Games likely helped to bring in some revenue. Many sportsbooks around the country offered unique Olympic betting options. MLB betting also appears to be growing more popular and likely will bring in serious revenue for states this month.

In September, the 2021/2022 NFL season is set to begin. This season may very well be the most-bet-on in history. That is particularly true now that more than half the country has a legal sports betting industry up and running.

Several more states appear closer than ever to officially legalize sports betting. Here’s a quick update on these state’s progress in doing so.

Which States are Set to Legalize Sports Betting in 2021?

It has become clear that there is a massive demand for legal sports betting options around the United States. The states with regulated sports betting options up and running have been bringing in large amounts of revenue each month. Residents in states without legal sportsbooks available are beginning to demand that something changes.

Lawmakers around the country seem determined to begin allowing sports betting. That is certainly the case with officials in Ohio. Several sports betting bills have been making their way through the legislative process here and it seems likely that these sports gambling bills will be approved before the end of the year.

Massachusetts and Oklahoma also seem close to doing the same. Both of these states are home to massive sports fan bases. Legal and taxes sports betting options would likely bring the state millions in annual tax revenue.

It may take some time for California’s sports betting rules to become established. A growing number of individuals here argue that without online sports betting options, revenue from this industry will be minimal. That is certainly the case with states such as New York.

When do you expect California to legalize sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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