Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill is Likely to Face Edits

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  • Lawmakers in Ohio have presented several exciting sports betting bills over the past few years. 
  • Members of the House are set to discuss Ohio’s sports betting bill later this fall. 
  • The current plan is to launch the state’s first sportsbooks at some point in late 2022. 

Ohio is well-known for having one of the largest and most passionate sporting fan bases in the United States. Since PASPA’s removal in 2018, residents have been eager to see regulated sports betting options become available. New reports indicate Ohio’s sports betting bill will soon be reviewed by various lawmakers.

Launching a legal sports betting industry is no easy task. Some of Ohio’s leaders now seem eager to see sports gambling options become available. Today, we’ll talk about when the first sportsbooks may launch here.

Let’s get into it!

Expect to See Changes to Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill

More states continue to embrace the sports betting industry every single year. Many states officially launched their first sportsbooks this year. That includes Arizona, Washington, and Maryland. These states have all been seeing impressive tax revenue figures from this new form of gambling.

Ohio is home to millions of passionate sports fans. Some of the country’s most popular sports teams are based here. That includes the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans of these teams have been pushing lawmakers to legalize sports betting since 2018.

One exciting sports betting bill has been making its way through the legislative process recently. This bill, called SB 176, was approved by the Senate earlier this year. It now seems that several changes to Ohio’s sports betting bill are likely to come about.

HB 29 is the newest bill being discussed by lawmakers. Members of the House have yet to formally grant its approval for this bill. It has several major changes from the original bill approved by the Senate months ago. Several key differences are part of HB 29, including the ones below.

Professional sports franchises are no longer given preference for Type B licenses.

An Ohio county with a population of 800,000 or more may have a maximum of five Type B licenses, up from three in the original bill.

A casino or racino that receives a Type A license may have two online sports betting skins, an increase from the original one.

We’ll be sure to offer updates on Ohio’s sports betting bill as the year goes on. Hope is that things move forward and sportsbooks launch in the state in 2022.

Florida’s Sports Betting Options are Unlikely to Launch on October 15

Florida is another state home to millions of hardcore sports fans. This state has developed a large and successful gambling industry over the past decade. In May, lawmakers here finally came to an agreement with the Seminole Tribe to get the state’s sports betting industry up and running.

Many have been hoping to see Florida’s sports betting options launch in September. That was not the case, and the expected timeline was then pushed back to October 15. New reports claim this is unlikely to happen.

Several pari-mutuel companies filed lawsuits over the state’s plan to launch sports betting. These states claimed that allowing the Seminole Tribe to offer statewide sports betting is unconstitutional. These legal battles have been ongoing with no real end in sight.

The Seminole Tribe is still working to come up with its court documents. No Casinos President John Sowinski, a prominent anti-gambling advocate in the state, claims the decision to offer sports betting needs to come down to a public vote.

“Only Florida voters, not politicians in Tallahassee or Washington, have the power to expand gambling in Florida,” he said. “This issue will have its day in both state and federal courts, where we are confident this compact will be overturned.”

Stay tuned for more information on the launch of sports betting over the next few months.

More States Plan to Legalize Sports Betting in 2022

The United States is now home to the largest sports betting industry in the world. That is incredible when considering only Nevada could legally offer sports betting just a few years ago. More than half the country now has legal sports betting options set in place.

California is one state expected to launch its sports betting industry next year. Several bills to get legal sportsbooks operational have been presented over the years. Lawmakers here feel confident they can come to an agreement with tribal groups here to get a bill approved by the end of 2022.

Maine is another state expected to approve sports gambling legislation next year. An oversight committee was formed here in 2019 and has been weighing the pros and cons of regulated sports betting. There has been some major progress and things should move forward.

Some are hoping to see Texas approve sports betting in 2022, as well. The Lone Star State is considered one of the most anti-gambling areas in the United States. Several prominent lawmakers have been pushing for changes here.

Do you expect to see Ohio’s sports betting bill get approved soon? Will sports betting be popular here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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