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Online Gambling in Ontario Finally Opens Up

For years, Ontario’s online gambling market has been controlled by a single monopoly. That’s now set to change. Online gambling in Ontario is finally opening up to private companies.

It’s a huge development for the biggest province in Canada. Gambling fans here will finally have more legal options to play through. Let’s take a quick look at why this market is opening, and what this means for the Canadian online gambling industry.

Quick Look at Gambling Laws in Ontario

Canada allows individual provinces to set their own laws on gambling. Today, each of the ten provinces in the country has set regulations over their land-based and online gaming markets. Ontario has set some particularly unusual laws over the years.

Gambling has always been popular in Ontario. A poll in 2011 revealed that nearly 90% of people in this province admit to gambling on a regular basis. Strangely, lawmakers here have allowed a single company to monopolize the province’s internet gambling industry.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has been the sole company approved to offer online gaming options here. These online gambling options are provided through their website,

This province also has implemented strange laws on its sports betting industry. Players here can only place bets on multiple sporting events. Soon, this could all change.

Online Gambling in Ontario Opening to Private Companies

None of the top online gambling sites in Canada have been able to operate inside Ontario. The OLA has kept a tight leash on the entire internet gaming market. Any companies caught operating here illegally face heavy fines.

Lawmakers in Ontario officially released the 2019 provincial budget this week. This budget includes plans to end the current monopoly that the OLA enjoys.

The government wants to “establish a competitive market for online legal gambling that will reflect consumer choice” by allowing private online operators to apply for licenses to operate in Ontario.”

This is great news for both gambling operators and fans of online gambling here. Competition in the internet gambling industry always benefits players. We may see a number of popular online gaming sites become available here by the end of 2019.

It’s unclear when these laws will be implemented. There are some opposition parties arguing against more lenient laws towards the internet gaming market. The fact that lawmakers here are pushing for change is a good sign, though.

Ontario’s Sports Betting Laws Set to Change

If the proposed budget plan is approved, sports betting in this province will become much easier. Locals here will finally be able to place single event sports wagers.

Government officials claim to be working with a number of North American sports market leaders. Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, is supporting the change to Ontario’s sports betting laws.

“With two NHL franchises in Ontario and two right on the border with the US, Ontario is a very important market for the NHL,” he told the media. “Accordingly, the NHL does not object to the Province of Ontario’s initiative to offer single event wagering when it is permitted.”

Changes to the laws towards online gambling in Ontario has been met with criticism. There are no reports of anyone voicing disapproval of the new sports betting laws. It’s fantastic news for sports fans throughout the province.

Are you excited to see online gambling in Ontario finally open up? How will this benefit bettors here? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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  • I think it is exciting in as much as it will create a great deal more enthusiasm and interest in all professional sports.

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