Online Gambling Sites in Bangladesh Are Blocked

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The Bangladeshi government is cracking down on online activities. Over 2000 websites are now banned inside the country. Online gambling sites in Bangladesh are part of this new blockade, and for now, the online gambling industry there appears to be dead.

This move was made in an attempt to free the internet in Bangladesh of any “indecent content.” This country has a history of implementing strict gambling laws, yet the move to ban all gambling sites is the most drastic step they’ve taken against the industry so far.

Bangladeshi Laws Against Online Gambling

With a Muslim population of more than 90%, it’s not much of a surprise that Bangladesh has been extremely strict on nearly all forms of gambling over the years. They implemented their first true set of gambling laws in 1973, just two years after gaining independence from Pakistan. These laws banned all gambling activities inside the country aside from horse race betting and certain, limited forms of lottery gambling.

Despite restrictions and the potential for punishment, many Bangladeshis have continued to make bets. The online gambling industry grew particularly popular here over the past decade. Many of the most popular online gambling sites in Europe were available, many of which offered odds on popular sporting events such as the Bangladesh Premier League.

The government here was aware of its unregulated online gambling industry. Until recently, they hadn’t taken many steps to prevent it. This week that all changed. Almost all online gambling sites in Bangladesh are now banned.

Will Online Gambling Sites in Bangladesh Stay Banned?

This is obviously a dramatic step against online gambling in the country, yet it’s not the first time that Bangladesh has attempted to ban websites. The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission actually banned more than 100 websites, most of which were news sites, a few weeks before a major election in 2018. The sites became unblocked just days later.

The government here has shown a willingness to block websites and companies for political purposes. It’s hard to tell if that is what’s happening here.

It seems pretty unlikely that online gambling sites in Bangladesh will be unblocked anytime soon. They were banned under the pretense of being “immoral,” and it may be difficult for the government to change that stance. Fans of online gambling here are simply out of luck.

Nearby Countries Taking a Much Different Approach to Gambling

Bangladesh isn’t going to change its gambling laws anytime soon. Fortunately, a number of nearby countries are taking a very different approach to their gambling industries. India, for example, is allowing their states to set their own laws on daily fantasy sports. The government in India appears to become more lenient toward the online gambling market.

A number of Southeast Asian countries are also liberalizing their gambling industries. Cambodia has invested heavily in its land-based casino industry, and the Philippines is setting revenue records for the multiple casinos spread around the country.

Perhaps in time, Bangladesh will open up this popular market. Many people in the country clearly enjoy gambling, and regulation could help the government earn millions in annual revenue.

Will online gambling sites in Bangladesh ever become unblocked? How will the online gambling industry here look in ten years? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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