Other States Attempt to Gamble on New Jersey Sites

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The testing for the New Jersey online gambling sites began on November 21, 2013. The testing stages were set to run for 5 days in which time 500 players would be able to take part in the online gambling the sites offered. These online gambling sites are intended to offer players located within the borders of New Jersey the opportunity to play for real money.

The fact that the trial run and the sites themselves are only intended for those located in New Jersey didn’t seem to detour players in 23 other US states from trying to log in and play. The law in New Jersey clearly states that players must be within the borders of the states in order to play.

The technology in place ended up locking out many players Thursday night who were actually legitimate players who would normally meet the criteria. It appears the geo-location software kept them from being able to play, despite the fact they were situated within the states borders, sometimes as much as 15 miles within the borders. Casino executives are saying that adjustments are underway and the systems are continuing to be tested. They are also warning that unexpected glitches such as this were likely to happen throughout the testing period.

A spokesperson for the state Division of Gaming Enforcement, Lisa Spengler, stated they are not too concerned with the issues and had anticipated issues such as these would arise. They are expected to be worked out before the end of the trial phase within the next few days. She also stated, “It is better to have instances of people in New Jersey being blocked, than instances of people being able to gamble from outside of New Jersey.”

This trial phase was intended to test out the gambling sites capabilities and any potential problems and risks. Positive news is that the measures in place worked, they just appear to have worked a bit too much in some instances. So far the glitches reported by players appear to be smaller scale glitches and nothing that would be considered to be system-wide problems.

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