Pearl River Resort to Launch First Sports Betting App in Mississippi

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The Pearl River Resort, the only tribal casino property in Mississippi, is about to launch the first sports betting app in the state.

Not much else is known about the app right now, other than it will only work when bettors are actually physically present at the resort. This is because of the state’s gaming regulations, which only allow betting to take place onsite.

The good news is that bettors won’t have to be in the actual sportsbook, just on the property. That means no waiting in line, too. Chris Hopwood, the director of the sportsbook, talked about the benefits of this new app:

“It’s very busy in here on a college football Saturday and Sunday, before the games kick off and the mobile app will allow guests to not have to wait in line if they want to come inside for that and the other option is the in-play betting. They will be able to sit there at the counter or their table or any hotel room, wherever they want to go, and make bets.”

Aside from that, we know that the app will be suitable for both Android and iOS devices and it will allow in-game prop betting.

Pearl River Resort

It was a little surprising to see Pearl River Resort push out an app before MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, but when you consider that the PRR is a very unique property, it’s not a total shock. The PRR is actually three casinos on one site, making it stand out compared to other casinos in the United States.

The three casinos on-site are the Silver Star Casino, the Golden Moon Casino, and the Bok Home Casino, which all operate individually. The sportsbook is located in the Golden Moon Casino, in the old Timeout Lounge.

The resort has a water park and a golf course as well. This means there’s a good chance that sports bettors will be somewhere out on the grounds, so a mobile betting app makes sense.

CIO Bill Burtch talked about PRR’s mobile app and how it will be the only casino in the state to have a sports gambling app:

“Well I think it’s the environment we have here. We have this really great sports bar, Sportsbook, where you can make bets and watch TV and the games. I want to encourage people to come by and experience it and enjoy it. We also have other restaurants and bars that are sports themed.”

Officials haven’t announced the date of the launch, or the app’s name, but says to look for it soon to allow for mobile betting while at any of the property’s locations.

A Push for Mobile Betting

The Pearl River Resort recognizes what many other states and casinos across the country have discovered, mobile sports betting is a massive revenue stream. States like West Virginia and Rhode Island have made a concerted effort to adopt mobile betting.

New Jersey has been raking in the revenue off mobile betting, and many other states have taken notice of this. I expect in the near future that Mississippi will eventually allow mobile betting throughout the state and not just on casino grounds.

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