Phil Ivey In Another Casino Dispute

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One of the best known poker players in the world is being sued by Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel and Casino. Phil Ivey won substantial sums at the Borgata during a number of sessions back in 2012 and the casino has filed a lawsuit alleging that winnings were the result of fraudulent activity.

This is not the first time Ivey has been involved in a dispute with a casino. Also during 2012, Ivey played at United Kingdom casino Crockfords and ended up suing them for several million in withheld baccarat winnings. Crockfords claimed that Ivey had exploited differences in the patterns on the back of cards in order to gain an advantage.  In their view, this constituted cheating. That case is still pending.

Differences in the patterns on cards can occur due to errors in the manufacturing process. If a player is able to spot them it is possible for them to identify cards that due to be dealt and potentially gain an advantage. This technique is known as edge sorting.

The dispute with Borgata involves a similar situation. Ivey was again playing baccarat, for between $25,000 and $100,000, and it is alleged that he used edge sorting techniques in order to gain an advantage. According to the Borgata lawsuit this is in violation of New Jersey casino gambling regulations.

Ivey admitted to reading the cards at Crockfords but claimed he was innocent of cheating. He has yet to make any public comment about the lawsuit filed by the Borgata.

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