Podiumspot CEO Details Plans For World’s Largest Casino Ship

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Podiumspot revealed earlier this month that it will begin work on a new casino project of massive scale. The Kuala Lumpur-based company announced a 3-year project to create the world’s largest casino cruise ship, one it says will set it apart from every other cruiseliner.

In an interview conducted yesterday, Podiumspot CEO Tim Leonard went into detail regarding the project and what the company hopes to reap in rewards once complete.

The project currently outlines a near 968-foot ship, fore to aft, measuring 118 feet port to starboard. The luxury vessel will offer 1,330 rooms with the ability to house as many as 3,200 passengers and 900 crew members. The ship, currently referred to as “Crusino” will be operated by a subsidiary of Podiumspot, Crusino Cruise Services Limited. The vessel is projected to be in shipshape by April of 2020.

While according to these metrics the ship will not be the largest vessel to have a casino onboard, it will provide passengers with almost 200,000 square feet (17,650 square meters) of gaming space across two decks of the ship. So, by comparison there is simply nothing like it currently sailing the seas.

Total cost for the project is expected to exceed $560 million, with some estimates putting the final price tag at $600-650 million. A group of investors is backing the project with a syndicated bank loan in place to cover construction costs.

The ship will reportedly change the face of gaming on the seas, with CEO Tim Leonard confessing, “It keeps me awake at nights” when referring to his idea,

“I wanted to change this ‘feeling’ of a typical casino and add some soul into it and that’s how Crusino was conceived… I want to create a strong brand first and make Crusino a new benchmark for the casino and cruise industry.”

The ship and its casino’s final design will be revealed in a launch ceremony slated for April 3rd of 2017.

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