PokerStars Brings Back $1 Million Spin & Go Promo

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PokerStars is hyping its already amazingly popular Spin & Go’s once again, as it has launched the Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go promotion. In the promo, players can participate in specially-priced Spin & Go’s for the chance to win $1 million or a number of gifts at least tangentially related to the superstar soccer player.

The Spin & Go’s themselves are just like any other: three-handed, hyper-turbo, small stack Sit-and-Go tournaments in which the prize pool is not known to the players until the game starts. As always, a spinner will appear on the table to reveal the purse based on a pre-set probability table. And, as usual, the prize pool will be double the buy-in about three-quarters of the time and no more than six times the buy-in almost always.

The top prize, though, which will require players to defy all odds, is much larger than usual: $1 million. And this is for just a 50 cent buy-in. There is only a 2 in 100 million chance to spin the $1 million prize and then you still have to win the Spin & Go, but for 50 cents, it might be worth a shot. The second and third place players will also receiver $100,000 as a consolation prize.

The rest of the highly unlikely, more lucrative prizes are related to Cristiano Ronaldo rather than being straight cash. The juiciest of the bunch is the next prize down from the million: a supercar of the player’s choice. Valued at $450,000 the winner can select from a McLaren 650S, a Ferrari California T, a Lamborghini Huracan or and Aston Vanquish. Not bad. If the supercar spin comes up (four times out of 100 million), the “losers” of the Spin & Go will still receive $45,000 each.

Here is the first prize breakdown with their associated probabilities:

  • $1 million cash – 2 in 100,000,000
  • Player’s choice of supercar – 4 in 100,000,000
  • TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch – 1,700 in 100,000,000
  • ROC By Monster – Sport Black Platinum headphones – 2,551 in 100,000,000
  • Ronaldo Documentary DVD – 425 in 100,000,000
  • $3 cash – 6 million in 100,000,000
  • $2 cash – 17,321,797 in 100,000,000
  • $1 cash – 76,673,521 in 100,000,000

Players who win the non-cash prizes will actually receive StarsCoins initially and can then use those StarsCoins to purchase the prize in the PokerStars VIP Store. There is no requirement that the prizes be purchased, either. If the winner of the supercar would like to buy a supercar’s-worth of tournament tickets in the VIP Store, that is up to the player. Frankly, I’d take the StarsCoins and run if I won the DVD.

Just this past fall, PokerStars celebrated the first anniversary of the Spin & Go with a similar $1 million promotion. There was no soccer player theme, just enhanced cash prizes at two temporary buy-in levels. During the promotion, seven players hit the $1 million jackpot, making it twelve who have won $1 million since Spin & Go’s debuted on PokerStars in 2014.

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