A Casino in Nagasaki Could Be On the Horizon

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More cities in Japan are working to gain one of the few casino licenses set to be handed out by the government. If all goes to plan, a casino in Nagasaki could be on the horizon. Officials in the city have officially joined the race for an integrated resort license.

Fans of casino gambling in the city are excited, while detractors point out the damage it could cause. Nagasaki is now the eighth city in Japan to request a casino license.

Let’s look at the state of Japan’s casino industry right now.

More Casino Companies Continue to Push Into Japan

For years, Japan had some of the strictest gambling laws in the world. The government here banned virtually all forms of gambling aside from mahjong. In early 2019, lawmakers had a change of heart and decided to officially legalize casino gambling.

The government has decided to license three casinos in the country. Exactly where these gambling venues will open is still unknown. As we’ve already mentioned, eight cities are now applying to host one of these integrated casino-resorts.

Some of the biggest casino companies in the world are attempting to break into Japan. Recent reports claim that this country will have the third-largest casino market in the world. All of the casinos that operate here are expected to become hugely successful.

MGM Resorts International is trying everything it can to start operating here. This company even gained the rights to sponsor this year’s MLB opening game in Tokyo.

Last month, MGM Resorts sold Circus Circus and The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Most believe this was in order to invest more money overseas.

Another city has just entered into the Japanese casino race.

A Casino in Nagasaki is Now A Possibility for the Future

Some of the biggest cities in Japan have requested the right to operate a casino. This includes Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama. A casino in Nagasaki is in the running now, as well.

One of Japan’s cabinet ministers has confirmed that Nagasaki has requested permission to run an integrated resort. He claims that Nagasaki made its request on October 2nd. Officials in this city presented a Request for Concept (RFC) that includes plans to open a gambling venue in Sasebo’s Huis Ten Bosch.

Officials are now reviewing Nagasaki as a potential city to host this gambling venue. Officials in Nagasaki set a deadline of November 22nd for companies to be a part of the city’s RFC.

The government in Nagasaki have already set a budget for these plans. According to the local government, it will cost about $5.1 billion to construct a casino in Nagasaki. This number is likely to increase, too.

Government is Still Waiting to Hand Out Casino Licenses

Japan is certainly taking its time with plans towards the casino industry. Government officials here want to ensure that steps are taken to avoid issues like gambling addiction and crime. It’s now being reported that no licenses will be handed out for at least a couple of years.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism claims that license applications will be reviewed from January 4, 2021, to July 30, 2021. Exactly when the casino licenses will be handed out is still unknown.

Some reports even claim that no integrated resorts will begin operating here until at least 2026. It’s disappointing news for the city of Osaka, which has pushed to gain casino approval by 2024.

To their credit, MGM Resorts International seems destined to open the casino-resort in Osaka. The company has gained permission to offer a request for concept here.

A casino in Nagasaki remains a possibility for the future. As of now, however, it still seems more likely for venues to open in cities such as Tokyo and Yokohama.

Stay tuned for more Japanese casino news over the next few months!

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