Regulations for Casino Resorts in Japan Approved by PM

Japanese gambling fans have reasons to celebrate. Regulations for casino resorts in Japan have been officially approved by the country’s Prime Minister. There is finally a legal framework for these casinos to begin operating.

It’s extremely exciting news for the gaming industry here. The Japanese government has been extremely thorough in its legal guidelines, and have finally approved a legitimate set of plans. Let’s take a quick look at the specifics of these regulations and the future of casino gambling inside Japan.

Roadmap to Casino Resorts in Japan

The primary reason to introduce casinos in Japan is to bring in more tourism and revenue. This country has been extremely strict on all forms of gambling in the past, yet the potential for massive revenue earnings through gambling has changed the government’s stance. A bill passed in 2018 laid out the framework for casinos to begin operating here.

In anticipation of legalized casinos, Japan began implementing some new laws. They called for facial recognition inside pachinko parlors and called for the removal of ATM machines inside all gaming establishments. The government wants to ensure gambling addiction does not become an issue in the country.

This week, the government officially approved the regulations for casino resorts in Japan. It’s a huge development. So what exactly are the requirements for casinos here?

Japanese Casinos Facing Strict Regulations

There are going to be some strict laws for casino resorts in this country. First off, these casinos will need to be at least 100,000 square meters. The area for the actual casino must be no more than 3% of the entire resort.

One of the biggest regulations for casino resorts in Japan surrounds advertising. All forms of casino marketing can only take place inside international arrival areas at travel hubs.

One regulation is impacting gamblers here. Casinos in the country are required to report to the government anyone who makes transactions over more than $9,080. There is also an overall limit on how much can be spent inside casinos.

With regulations now in place, a company can now be chosen to operate the first casino. Some of the most powerful gaming companies in the world are vying for their spot in this market. One company, in particular, is pushing very hard.

MGM Resorts Could Operate First Casino in Japan

The heads of MGM Resorts are making it clear they want to get into Japan. Not long ago, this company was given sponsorship for the MLB’s opening series taking place in Tokyo. It was a clear sign that MGM was making headway in the country.

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts, has stated he wants the first casino in Japan to be constructed inside Osaka. The tourism industry here is extremely strong, and lawmakers in the city are showing an interest in casino plans. Businesses in this city are also pushing for a casino.

Murren claims that the Japanese government will grant its first casino license next year. The first casino will begin operating here by 2025. Despite the long timeframe, it’s a very exciting time for gambling fans inside and near Japan.

Do you think the regulations for casino resorts in Japan make sense? Will MGM Resorts be the first company to operate a casino here? Let us know in the comment section below!

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