Rob Howley is Officially Removed From 2019 World Cup

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One of the world’s top rugby coaches has officially been sent home from the World Cup due to allegations of betting. The Welsh Rugby Union has confirmed the news that Rob Howley will no longer be part of this year’s tournament. It’s disappointing news for Welsh rugby fans, who fear that Howley’s departure will affect the team’s performance. 

Today, we’re going to look at exactly why Wales’ rugby coach is being sent home. We’ll also look at some odds for this year’s World Cup tournament. Let’s get into it!

Rob Howley Suspected of Breaching Betting Regulations

The Welsh Rugby Union has set a clear set of gambling rules for its players and coaches. Regulation 6.3.1 states that 

“No connected person shall, directly or indirectly, bet and/or attempt to bet on the outcome or any aspect of any connected event and/or receive and/or attempt to receive part or all of the proceeds of any such bet and/or any other benefit in relation to a bet.”

This week, the WRU confirmed that Wales assistant coach Rob Howley had been sent home for breaking this rule. It’s still unclear exactly what the popular coach has done, or wagered on. 

Howley is now under investigation. According to the WRU, he’s “cooperated fully” with the investigative process. There’s still a chance that the regulatory body hires an independent panel to hear the case. 

The Welsh coach faces several potential penalties. If charged with breaking the rules, he faces a possible lifetime ban from rugby. A suspension seems more likely, as this is his first offense. 

Howley’s Role For Wales’ Rugby Team

48-year-old Rob Howley is one of the top rugby coaches in the world right now. His coaching career began in 2012 when he temporarily took control over the Welsh team’s day to day training. Later that year, he faced criticism from fans due to the team’s 8-game losing streak. 

In 2016, Rob Howley accepted a position as Wales coach. He’s led the team through several major wins and has gained a fantastic reputation for his analytical approach to the game. Hope was that Howley could lead the Wales national team to a World Cup victory this year. 

His departure will undoubtedly have an impact. Fortunately, Wales has brought in another fantastic coach, Stephen Jones, to take his place. The timing of this change is certainly not ideal, though. 

Wales’ opening game against Georgia takes place in just a few days. The Welsh team is the betting favorite for this match. Of course, the change in coaching staff could result in an upset. 

2019 Rugby World Cup Betting Favorites

This year’s Rugby World Cup is extremely competitive. The betting odds reflect how intense the tournament will be. One of the top online gambling sites in the UK is now offering odds on which team will win this year’s World Cup. 

Betway currently lists New Zealand as the betting favorites. The All Blacks have won the two previous World Cup tournaments. Many regard them as the best national team currently competing. The team has odds of 2.37 to win. 

South Africa is listed as the second betting favorite heading into the tournament. Under head coach Rassie Erasmus, many bettors believe this team will win the 2019 World Cup championship. South Africa’s odds are 4.50 to win. 

Rob Howley is no longer part of the tournament. Despite this, the oddsmakers feel the Welsh still have a shot at winning. Betway lists Wales odds to win the 2019 World Cup at 11.00. 

Do you think Howley’s departure from the team will have a significant effect? Which team do you think will win this year’s World Cup? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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