Ronda Rousey Reportedly Leaving WWE, Any Changes to Royal Rumble?

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On Thursday, the WWE Universe was rocked by the news that Ronda Rousey would be leaving the WWE after WrestleMania 35. This news sent fans and pundits into a frenzy as they questioned how the WWE could let this happen. Social Media blew up over the news with rumors of why Ronda was leaving the WWE. From backstage politics to hating other female wrestlers, the Twitterverse had such a massive buzz that it’s still reverberating a day later.

This Rousey news comes out as we just got on “The Road to WrestleMania,” and just a few days away from one of the biggest PPVs of the year – the Royal Rumble. Ronda is scheduled to defend her RAW women’s title against Sasha Banks in what many think could be a great match.

With the news of Ronda’s possible departure, online betting sites have yet to make any adjustments to the betting odds for this match. And, none of the online dirt sheets have spewed any rumors of changes to the RAW women’s title match. So, it appears those plans are still on track. As for who will win between Ronda and Sasha, check out my complete breakdown of picks and betting predictions for the Royal Rumble.

Is Ronda Rousey Really Leaving the WWE?

The initial news of Rousey’s departure was reported by pro wrestling’s “red-headed stepchild” Dave Meltzer. He claimed that Ronda would be finishing up with the WWE after WM 35. For those that don’t know, Dave Meltzer is right more than he is wrong and nobody else has a finger on the pulse of the WWE backstage comings and goings that Dave does. With that said, Meltzer appears to be flirting with being wrong on this one.

Before we drag Meltzer from pillar to post, Dave did say the reason she would be leaving is to start a family with her husband Travis Browne. However, Meltzer made it seem as if she was definitively done with the WWE. It got so bad that TMZ Sports had to come to the rescue of WWE fans as they reported that Rousey is under contract with the WWE until April 2021 and is not going anywhere. Even if she were to create little Ronda’s, it’s expected that her absence is for the short term and not the long term.

Nia Jax Fans the Flames of Rousey’s Departure

There’s been no love lost between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey as the two female competitors spend a good portion of 2018 battling against each other for the RAW women’s title. At the peak of yesterday’s Rousey frenzy, Nia Jax fanned the flames with a tweet that had a picture of Ronda and the words “Buh bye.”

Nia has entertained WWE fans with her increased presence on Twitter, which really became noticeable after she broke Becky Lynch’s face last fall.

Ronda Rousey Fires Back at Reports

After nearly 24 hours of this news cycle, Ronda Rousey finally responded to these reports. According to a tweet by sports journalist Ramona Shelburne, of ESPN, Rousey made the following intense comments:

“I honestly don’t know why [anyone] feels like [they’re] an authority to speak on the plans for my uterus. If I responded every single time the world speculated what I was doing with my womb I would not have a free moment in the day. I really don’t feel like I should have to respond to that kind of thing. It’s my vagina, my life, keep the speculations to yourself. Leave me and my reproductive organs alone.”

Rousey didn’t sugarcoat her feelings. The RAW women’s champ blasted those so-called “experts” who feel the need to speculate on her future family making plans.

What Can the WWE do to Hedge Their Bets?

Even if Ronda isn’t leaving at this time, the WWE needs to be smart about how they handle the RAW women’s roster. Eventually, Ronda will want to take time off to have a family. This is something she’s publicly stated as recently as last year. I would imagine that the WWE “encourages” her to stick around until after they move to their new network deals before Ronda leaves. They will need her star power and the networks, like FOX, will want her TV presence in the beginning.

With that said, the WWE needs to build up more talent on RAW to fill the eventual void left behind if or when Ronda leaves. They have some strong contenders in Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Bayley, but they need someone with Ronda’s edge and there’s only one lady that fits the bill – Shayna Baszler.

Baszler is a real life friend of Ronda’s and she also has the MMA background just like Rousey. Shayna has been a star in NXT and it’s just a matter of time before she’s up on RAW or SmackDown. In fact, don’t be surprised if you see her in the women’s Royal Rumble match this Sunday. BetOnline has Baszler at +1800 to win the Royal Rumble even though she hasn’t even been officially entered. However, she will be defending her NXT title against the rising star of Bianca Belair this weekend in Phoenix.

Baszler is more than capable of putting on big matches with any wrestler from the main roster, it’s just a matter of how best to bring her up. Perhaps, teaming with or feuding her with Ronda could be possible options. With that in mind, the WWE has shown a lack of sensible building for the future, which has seen their top shows drop in the ratings.

With the looming departure of Ronda and her “reproductive organs” in the near future, the WWE needs to prepare now and not leave things until the last minute.

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