Run It Once Poker to Reward Streamers with Rakeback

I’m not big into watching streamers – I believe I am officially middle-aged, after all – but I dabble in Twitch on occasion. My kids, it goes without saying, are big into watching YouTubers, though that’s more in the same genre of entertainment, as it’s not exactly streaming. There has been a tiny part of me that has thought about embarking on some sort of video game stream myself, but then I imagined all of the nasty comments I would inevitably have to endure and I threw that idea out of my mind. But if I decided to become a poker streamer – and I didn’t live in the United States (that’s a bit of an important detail), streaming sessions at Run It Once would be something at the very least consider, as this past week, site founder Phil Galfond announced that part of the poker room’s rewards setup will involve poker streamers.

“I started out with the dream of wanting to play WSOP tournaments on TV, then moved on to wanting to compete with the best players in the highest stakes of online cash games. Eventually, this dream of starting a poker site became my focus,” wrote Galfond in a Run It Once update post this week.

“In recent years, a new type of poker dream has emerged – that of the poker streamer.”

He added:

“Though we will still keep open the traditional route of striking deals with individual streamers, we knew that if we were going to break into the world of poker streaming on the scale we wanted to – no… on the scale we needed to – we would have to get more of the poker community involved.”

The streaming rewards program is aptly named, sans a vowel, “streamR.” Rewards are based on watch time, which is the number of hours a stream has been watched. So if someone streams for 3 hours on Wednesday and gets an average of 20 viewers, that’s 60 hours of watch time.

Run It Once will reward streams via rakeback. Here is the breakdown:

  • Level 1: 200 hours of watch time per month – 50 percent rakeback
  • Level 2: 1,200 hours of watch time per month – 75 percent rakeback
  • Level 3: 8,000 hours of watch time per month – 100 percent rakeback
  • Team RIO: 20,000 hours of watch time per month – 110 percent rakeback “and more”

The “and more” is still to be determined.

“We need to see how launch goes, and we need to run the program for a little while to gather some information,” Galfond wrote. “We’ll definitely include some additional benefits here, but we wanted to avoid the risk of way underestimating an uncapped expense (this offer is open to anyone) before we have any real data.”

Galfond also made sure it was known that streamR is not the primary rewards/loyalty program for Run It Once and that it will not take anything away monetarily from the main rewards system.

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