SBTech Online Betting Sites Fall Victim to Attempted Cyber Attack

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SBTech Cyber Attack

Sports bettors around America have unfortunately found out the hard way that their preferred online betting site has been down and not working properly for the last few days. This development was due to an attempted cyber-attack on SBTech’s platform.

The company had no choice but to shut down the platform as it figured out how to deal with a dangerous cyber threat. SBTech took measures to alert its customers of the cyber threat, which included Golden Nugget and Resorts, BetAmerica, and the Oregon Lottery.

Powering Down to Protect Data

While many users were quick to be alarmed about the attempted cyber-attack, SBTech explained that shutting down the site was meant as a protective measure.

This response was done in order to prevent a cyber-attack from occurring since the threat was detected. The entire global data center was shut down, as SBTech has 50 B2B partners who are situated all over the world.

Adding even more frustration to the situation is customers who have been complaining to SBTech for days now that they don’t have access to their funds. This seems to be the case with operators and customers who exclusively use SBTech and not a sportsbook.

No Data Stolen

The silver lining in this situation is the fact that, according to SBTech, no data has been stolen at this time. All information had followed the proper protocol and was encrypted, therefore it was kept safe. At this point US law enforcement agencies have taken over and are now looking into the cyber threat.

How Much Longer Until the Site Is Live?

So while customers and operators are relieved to hear about the proactive measures SBTech took in order to prevent the cyber-attack from happening, they are now left wondering when it will be live again.

At this point, SBTech has to wait to receive clearance from the regulators so it can then relaunch the US servers and go live. The hope is that it will happen by Wednesday, April 1st, but there is no guarantee or set time at this moment.

Currently, the US partners and operators being affected by the site being down are in Arkansas, Oregon, New Jersey, Mississippi, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

At this time it looks like BetAmerica has been the hardest hit, with the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard following closely behind. Both are completely out of commission, whereas at least with the Golden Nugget and Resorts it has only affected the SBTech Sportsbook. The establishment has its own online casino product to fall back on and offer to customers.

This is also an example of very bad timing as DraftKings is set to acquire SBTech in just a few weeks’ time. And, if that weren’t enough drama, there are conspiracy theorists out there asking why there would be a cyber-attack at this time when there are currently no sports happening, therefore no bets being placed.

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