Scott Coker Offers Insight on the Bellator 205-Pound Tournament

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Bellator MMA is now officially up and running! The promotion has a busy schedule planned over the next few months. This week, Scott Coker gave his opinion on the upcoming Bellator 205-pound tournament that kicks off this Friday.

MMA fans around the world are excited to see this tournament begin. Some of the best light-heavyweights on the planet are scheduled to compete. Now is the perfect time to break down some of the matchups taking place over the next few months.

Let’s get into it!

Bader vs. Machida is Just a Couple of Days Away

Bellator has worked hard to expand its roster over the past few years. Some of the world’s best MMA fighters are now signed to the promotion’s roster. Many argue that Bellator’s light-heavyweight division is now its best.

That’s hard to argue against. There are a huge number of truly elite 205-pound fighters now competing in Bellator. Even the top analysts have no idea who will be the champion of this division by the end of 2021.

Ryan Bader ruled over Bellator’s light-heavyweight division for years. He’s gone 5-1-1 in the promotion since 2017 and currently holds the Bellator heavyweight championship. On Friday, April 9, Bader will be taking on Lyoto Machida in an exciting rematch.

Machida is likely coming into this fight with confidence. As many are aware, Lyoto won the first bout against Ryan Bader via knockout in the second round. Despite that fact, he’s coming into this bout as the underdog according to almost all online sports betting sites.

This is the first leg of the Bellator light-heavyweight tournament. Many are curious to see how this bout unfolds. The winner may end up becoming one of the betting favorites to win the entire thing. Check out our betting guide on this matchup here!

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on this tournament. That includes the President of Bellator MMA, Scott Coker. Here’s what he has to say about the upcoming matchups.

Here’s What Scott Coker Thinks About the Bellator 205-Pound Tournament

Scott Coker has been instrumental to Bellator’s success. The former Strikeforce President understands how to draw in fan interest. This 205-pound tournament is an example of how the promotion plans to grow.

Coker is a former kickboxer and has years of experience in the MMA promotion game. He clearly knows how competitive the Bellator 205-pound tournament will be. He spoke with the media this week and offered some insight into what to expect.

“It’s going to be an amazing light heavyweight tournament. It’s got the old guard, the OG’s, as I call them, and the young kid from Russia [Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov] who has had an intense record,” Coker said. “And Nemkov, I’m telling you right now … until someone dethrones this kid, he’s the best in the world. Ryan is a great wrestler. And he had a hard time taking him down and keeping him down. Nemkov has been training with Fedor Emelianenko – the greatest heavyweight of all time – that’s Nemkov’s mentor! He’s the guy to beat, he’s the guy, and he’s our current champ. He’s the king until he gets de-throned.”

Scott Coker is clearly high on his new light-heavyweight champion. That’s certainly warranted looking at Vadim Nemkov’s record. He is now 5-0 in the Bellator cage and has won four of these bouts via stoppage.

Every single bout of this light-heavyweight tournament is going to be fantastic. Perhaps the most anticipated one is the bout between Yoel Romero and Anthony Johnson. These two knockout artists are both hungry to capture the Bellator title.

More and more fans are now asking how to wager on these matchups. Fortunately, there is a fantastic online sportsbook providing odds on the entire event.

Here’s How to Find the Best Bellator Odds Online

Bellator is without a doubt the second-biggest MMA promotion in the United States. There are a huge number of world-class fighters now signed to the promotion. 2021 is shaping up to be the biggest year in history for the Scott Coker-run league.

BetOnline is the perfect site to bet on this entire world. This online sportsbook is known for offering some of the best MMA odds online. That includes odds on each of the Bellator 205-pound tournament matchups.

There is still time to bet on the aforementioned Bader vs. Machida fight. Ryan comes into this fight as the -300 favorite, likely due to his recent success as a double-champion. Machida has a win over Ryan Bader dating back to 2012, yet he is still listed as the +240 underdog in this matchup.

On April 16, more of this tournament will unfold. Many are choosing to bet on the fight between Phil Davis (+165) and Vadim Nemkov (-205). Nemkov is the reigning champion and seems like he could become one of Bellator’s next dominant champions.

BetOnline is offering odds on each of the tournament bouts taking place over the next two months. Many of these odds are offering massive opportunities to cash out. Stay tuned for in-depth betting breakdowns on all of these matchups.

Are you excited to see how the Bellator 205-pound tournament unfolds? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below!

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