Sheldon Adelson to the Rescue!

Casino giant (and enemy of the online gambling world) Sheldon Adelson is back in the news, this time trying to help bail out the Republican party before the midterm elections this fall. As reported by Fox News, Adelson has reached into his deep pockets to write a check for $30 Million, in an effort to ramp up the party’s chances of holding off the Democrats as they charge to take back control of the House.

Now, you may be wondering why this site would be covering this political news? Well, we wouldn’t be if it was anyone else writing the check. Well, Adelson comes from the casino world and has been a thorn in the side of those trying to advance the gambling market in the United States. Here’s what we think about this news:

The Republicans are Panicking

It’s pretty clear that the state of the Republican Party is not good. Many states that are Republican powerhouses are feeling the pain from the ongoing calamity in the White House, and this is starting to show in the polls. Republicans have a stranglehold on the House and Senate at this point, but there are enough seats up for grabs in 2018 that this could all change by the time we hit the end of the year. Typically, Adelson doesn’t pony up this much money, and he often steers clear of the midterms, but with the party in disarray, it seems he felt it was time for him to come to the rescue.

Adelson Has His Own Interests at Heart

While he clearly sides with the Republicans when it comes to party beliefs, let’s make something very clear here – Sheldon Adelson is focused on Sheldon Adelson before anything else. The man has spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying the government to protect his own assets and ventures over the years, and it is clear that he has no intentions of slowing that down in his advanced age.

A Continued Republican Government is No Good for Online Gambling

Even with the Supreme Court set to rule on the legitimacy of PAPSA and the future of sports betting in the United States, the online casino and poker worlds are still shackled by the government. Opening up the doors to online sport betting across the country will be a step in the right direction, but there are still a significant number of roadblocks ahead for those trying to make these games legal.

A Still-Breathing Adelson is Still REALLY BAD For Online Gambling

Given the amount of money the man spends lobbying and donating to the party, it is safe to say that the Republicans do what Adelson asks. This is why every attempt at legalizing online casino games has stalled somewhere along the process. A moderate senator or congressperson puts a bill together, it gets discussed, and ultimately it gets shot down somewhere along the line. You can usually draw a line between each bill getting blocked and Adelson. He is without question the number one enemy of the industry in the United States, and unfortunately, until the man takes his last breath, he will still control the direction of online gambling in this country.

So, what does this latest bit of news about Adelson mean? Well, it means the Republicans are very scared that they will lose the midterm elections and as a result lose full control of the government. Mr. Adelson doesn’t likely have many election cycles left in him, so spending the money now helps him preserve his legacy (at least in his own mind). Will it be enough to keep the Democrats at bay? Only time will tell. However, if Adelson wants to continue to feel important and block the natural progression of his industry, then it appears he will do so at any cost.

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