SkyCity Launches New Online Casino Targeting New Zealand

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New Zealand is thought of as one of the most lucrative new online gambling markets in the world. This country has some unique laws on the industry that several companies are beginning to take advantage of. This week, news came out that SkyCity has launched a new online casino targeting New Zealand.

Lawmakers in this country are beginning to take a closer look. It’s exciting news for casino fans to hear that another online gambling site is becoming available. Let’s look at what SkyCity has planned!

New Zealand’s Laws on Online Gambling

Gambling has taken place in New Zealand for centuries. For years, however, lawmakers in the country took no real steps to regulate the industry. This changed in 2003. That year, politicians approved the Gambling Act of 2003 that made all forms of gambling illegal unless specifically approved by the government. This included online gambling.

Eventually, lawmakers here changed their stance.

The government has made it clear that online gambling is allowed, as long as it’s done through sites based overseas. Internet gambling companies are still banned from basing their operations in the country.

Back in March, one of the country’s major casino operators, SkyCity, announced they were planning to launch an online gaming service.

This week, the company revealed that it was finally offering the internet gambling platform.

Details on the New Online Casino Targeting New Zealand

SkyCity’s new online gambling website is up and running. It’s based in Malta and offers a variety of different gambling options including slots, table games, and poker. Because the website is operating out of Malta, it’s able to target players in NZ.

Only players from New Zealand can access this website, and gamblers must be at least 20 years old to play. This site does not yet have a mobile app. Instead, the operator is asking for people to “pin” the website on their mobile device.

SkyCity’s online gambling website also claims that it’s not associated with the company’s land-based casino in NZ. Officials maintain that it’s in the “same family” as this casino, but “operates independently.”

This website is available right now. It’s exciting news for casino fans who love to gamble over the internet.

Unfortunately, the government is voicing its disapproval with the new website.

Lawmakers Debate the Legality of Online Gambling in New Zealand

The government here has been taking a closer look at their set of gambling laws. Many lawmakers, including Tracey Martin—a member of the country’s House of Representatives—are claiming that new legislation needs to be presented towards the industry. Even the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs is launching a public consultation on how to approach online gambling.

The NZDIA is offering four new solutions on the matter. There’s a discussion on limiting the number of online gambling sites allowed to operate here and expanding the country’s gambling monopolies. Some are also calling for NZ to create a licensing procedure for foreign gambling websites.

Because online gambling is unregulated in the country, the government earns no revenue from the industry. If it began licensing and taxing these companies, the government would earn millions each month. This is one possibility that lawmakers are finally beginning to seriously consider.

The issue of money laundering is still being discussed. The NZDIA has informed SkyCity that the new online casino targeting New Zealand may be unintentionally helping “international criminals” launder their money. Officials at SkyCity have quickly responded by saying it has strict anti-money laundering safeguards in place.

For now, this new online casino targeting New Zealand is up and running. It’s likely that within a few years, the government will make a formal decision on the online gambling industry. Make sure to follow our industry news page for more updates on the situation!

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