Sports Betting in Lower Austria Will Soon Be Legal

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Austria has a truly unique set of gambling laws. Here, individual states have the option to set their own regulations on casino gambling and wagering on sports. Sports betting in Lower Austria will soon be legal, as lawmakers here introduced new gambling legislature to the EU this week.

It’s exciting news for hardcore sports fans in this state. Today, we’re looking at this country’s current set of laws towards gambling. We’ll also talk about Lower Austria’s decision to allow sports betting. Let’s get into it!

Gambling Laws in Austria, Explained

For years, gambling in Austria has been legal yet tightly regulated. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for regulating the country’s gambling industry. The government divides gambling into two categories, traditional gambling, and “small” gambling called Kleines Glücksspiel.

Traditional gambling can only take place through licensed companies. Small gambling (wagers under €0.50) is legal without a license. As we mentioned earlier, each state in this country has the ability to set its own laws on gambling.

Most Austrian states allow casino gambling. Casinos Austria is the only company with a license to operate casinos here. Today, this company runs 12 different gambling venues throughout the country. More of these states are now beginning to embrace the sports betting industry as well.

Companies based in Austria need to have a license from the government to offer online gambling services. Most individuals here choose to simply play through online gambling sites in Europe based in other countries. The government allows these websites to operate without any issue.

This week, a new bill to make sports betting in Lower Austria legal was proposed.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Legalize Sports Betting in Lower Austria

Lower Austria is the largest state in Austria. This state has used a bill introduced in 1978, called the Law on the Activities of Totalizers and Bookmakers, to regulate sports betting. This week, lawmakers here submitted new sports betting legislation to the European Union.

This bill, called the Lower Austria Sports Betting Act, will help to better regulate online and land-based sports betting. The local government has explained that new legislation is necessary, as technological developments are making it difficult to monitor the sports gambling industry.

Under this bill, online and land-based companies must apply for a sports betting license in order to operate here. These licenses will be eligible for two-year periods. Sports betting will be completely legal here, although political wagering will remain illegal.

It’s great to see Lower Austria begin to embrace sports gambling. This country is well-known for having one of the most passionate football fan bases in Europe. It’s likely that the sports betting industry here will bring in millions to the government each month.

Regulations Set on Lower Austria’s Sports Betting Industry

Lower Austria’s sports betting market faces several restrictions. Employees of betting companies will be required to undergo training to ensure they offer safe information to customers. Sports betting operators will also be expected to introduce safeguards to their customers to protect them from gambling addiction.

Betting more than €350 is illegal. Live betting will be limited to wagers on the results of the end of a game’s halftime score or final score. Players must be at least 18 years old to bet on sports here.

It’s clear that lawmakers are taking regulations very seriously. Over the past several months, we’ve seen several European countries take new steps to lower rates of gambling addiction. It seems that Lower Austria wants to avoid this issue altogether rather than act on it when it becomes an issue.

Sports betting in Lower Austria is becoming legal. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how the European Union proceeds with the new bill proposed. Let us know of any questions you have in the comments section below!

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