Standards Being Set For Future Jamaica Casinos

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In an effort to ensure Jamaica’s future casinos have no issues when they kick off, the CGC (Casino Gaming Commission) has joined forces with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica to map out the standards necessary for the future gambling establishments.

Born of the Casino Gaming Act of 2010, the CGC was created as the regulatory body for casino gaming, including the approval of casino licenses (no more than three), which means Jamaica can only have up to three casinos that must adhere to geographic boundaries.

With virtually all of current gambling in Jamaica being done in hotels and via confined methods (no table games and only certain machines being used), the news of huge casino projects being furthered could greatly enhance the tourism value of the island. The excitement is mounting, but the leaders of the two main projects know there are still steps to be taken.

Per reports, the two agencies have already filed feelers for interested parties to join in on the discussions for the Jamaican casino standards. Per those reports, the standards are expected to cover monitoring and control systems and gaming equipment.

Despite not yet receiving an application for a casino license, the CGC has pushed on to make sure the appropriate standards are in place well ahead of time. Phillip Shelton, the CEO of the CGC, admitted the agency is merely taking the necessary precautions to be fully prepared at this time, and that includes “setting the standards for all the types of gaming equipment” which includes gaming machines that would operate in a proposed casino.

With Jamaica already on the path to bringing in new casinos (two of five applications have already been approved), it may only be a matter of time before gambling hits the islands in a new form.

That process will at least initially be conducted via two huge projects, dubbed Harmon Cove Limited and Celebration Jamaica. Both projects plan to spend well over $500 million producing up to five hotels, two PGA-level golf courses, a boat marina, a dedicated airport and of course, a 75,000 square foot casino with all of the trimmings.

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