States Can Set Own Laws on Daily Fantasy Sports in India

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India’s government is making it clear that they want states to set their own regulations on daily fantasy sports. Questions remain over whether or not DFS falls under “gambling and betting,” which is illegal inside the country. The laws on daily fantasy sports in India are murky at best, and there are several steps that must be taken in order for this popular game to become legal throughout the country.

India has a long and complicated history of gambling laws. What’s in store for the future of DFS here?

History of Gambling Laws in India

The first true set of gambling regulations in India came all the way back in 1864 under the Public Gaming Act. These laws prohibited anyone from operating a gambling establishment and made it illegal to make any bets on games of chance.

India once again introduced new legislation in 1974 under the Telangana Gaming Act. These laws essentially doubled down on the laws from 1986. Gambling on games of chance remained completely illegal.

In 2017, the Indian Central Government made some major changes to their laws. They amended their Gaming Act that makes it illegal to bet on virtually anything. Even wagering on popular games like rummy was banned under this new legislation.

A number of companies offering games of chance betting options are now challenging this amendment in India’s high court. It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise to see India change their laws again in the next year or two.

Laws on Daily Fantasy Sports in India

Throughout much of the world, daily fantasy sports are considered to be games of skill. Players choose a lineup of athletes they feel will perform the best over one day and are paid based on these athletes’ results. It’s certainly a form of sports wagering; however, most agree it takes some skill to succeed over a long period of time.

India is now deciding whether or not they should regulate or ban DFS activities taking place inside the country. Under the new Gaming Act Amendment, it should technically be illegal.

The Central Government here seems to be taking a hands-off approach to daily fantasy sports. According to them, states should set their own laws on DFS. The government chose to stay quiet about any plans to regulate this growing industry.

It’s an interesting development for a country that’s historically been very strict on gambling laws. India’s reluctance to set a direct ban on daily fantasy sports could indicate they are becoming more lenient toward the gambling industry.

Future of Online Gambling and Daily Fantasy Sports in India

As we mentioned earlier, India’s high courts are continuing to debate with companies over the legality of betting on games of skill. Rummy betting has grown extremely popular in this country. If enough people here push against these new regulations, the government could change their stance.

In July of 2018, India’s Law Commission stated that gambling should become legalized and regulated inside the country. According to them, Indians continue to gamble through many online betting sites based in Europe. If the government began regulating the industry, people here would be better protected.

Just last week, one of India’s richest people predicted that full legalization of gambling would soon come to India. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has supported the gambling industry for more than a decade. He agrees with the Law Commission that legalization will help protect players and bring in valuable revenue through taxes.

Laws on daily fantasy sports in India remain under question. From afar, it definitely looks like the government is softening their stance. States can currently form their own laws for this type of gambling. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation.

Do you think daily fantasy sports will become legal throughout India? Will the government here soon allow all forms of gambling in the country? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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