Station Casinos End Bad Beat Jackpot After Finally Paying Out Disputed Jackpot

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In early July 2017, the bad beat jackpot was hit at Red Rock Station in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t until this month that the lucky players finally got paid. And now that the players have been paid, Station Casinos has decided to just cancel the bad beat jackpot promotion all together.

When the jackpot was won, it was sitting at about $120,000. Len Schreter won the hand with a better straight flush than Avi Shamir, normally a cause for excitement because of the probable size of the pot, but in this case, because the bad beat jackpot was triggered, Shamir, as the loser of the hand, had won $60,000 and Schreter had won $30,000. Everybody else playing in BBJ games at Station Casino properties at that money was also to be awarded an equal share of the rest of the jackpot, $565 each.

In his excitement, though, Schreter accidentally turned his cards over out of turn on the river. Red Rock management decided that this was a violation of the BBJ rule which states,

“discussion of hands during the play by players, at the discretion of management, may void a Jumbo Hold ‘Em Jackpot.”

And so the jackpot was voided. Incensed, four players, including Shamir and Schreter, filed a complaint with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, arguing that Schreter’s mistake did not affect the action in the hand and therefore everyone should be awarded their share of the jackpot. An investigator agreed and another investigator plus the NGCB agreed in February after an appeal by Station Casinos.

Station could have taken the case to Clark County District Court, but finally decided to end things and pay the players. Without an explanation as to why, the casino company has also discontinued the bad beat jackpot promotion.

Station spokesperson Lori Nelson, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal,

“….our current promotions are equally and in some cases richer than was Bad Beat,”

which really says nothing.

While this controversy will likely fade away, people are still very confused as to why Station Casinos would choose this bad beat jackpot win as its hill to die on. The jackpot was funded by the players through an extra drop at the cash game tables, so Station wasn’t going to lose any money by awarding it. The screw up by Schreter – by literally all accounts – was inconsequential, so Station looks exceedingly petty here. The only possible reason Station may have fought it was that a jackpot that high drew more players than did a small jackpot, which it would become if it had to be reset. But Station had to know it would hit some time (and likely has in the past), so again, why look like nit-picky assholes and risk losing customers? Something is fishy here.

And so far, it looks like Station may have lost customers. The Review-Journal reports that regulars have noticed a down-tick in player traffic and some players have commented that they will either stop frequenting Station properties altogether or at least not play there as much.

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