The Steelers vs. Chiefs Point Spread Has Set a New Record

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  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 16. 
  • Pittsburgh enters this wild-card round game as the massive betting underdog. 
  • The Steelers vs. Chiefs point spread is officially the widest in wild-card round history. 

This Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers will find themselves in enemy territory against the Kansas City Chiefs. Pittsburgh faces an uphill battle and millions of fans are already writing off their chances of getting the win. Many are also beginning to notice that the Steelers vs. Chiefs point spread is the widest in wild-card round history.

There is no doubt that the Steelers need a miracle to win this weekend. Now is a great time to look at the odds for this big game.

Breaking Down the Steelers vs. Chiefs Point Spread

On December 26 of last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers made the trip to Kansas City in a game that many felt would be competitive. The Steelers entered as the underdogs and it did not take long for fans to see why. The Chiefs led 36-3 before Pittsburgh managed to score a last-minute, albeit meaningless, touchdown to end the game 36-10.

These two teams are now slated to play again this Sunday. Once again, the Chiefs will hold the home-field advantage and are the massive favorites to win. Fans around the world are flocking to various online sports betting sites to make their bets on how the game will unfold.

Some have begun to notice the massive point spread between these teams. In fact, the Steelers vs. Chiefs point spread is the widest in wild-card round history. BetOnline is giving Pittsburgh 12.5 points; an almost unprecedented spread for a team competing at this stage of the season.

Football is unpredictable and it’s impossible to write Pittsburgh off completely. This team entered the 2005/2006 season playoffs as a wild card team and ended up winning the Super Bowl. Whether or not history will repeat itself this season is unknown.

There is still time for fans around the US to bet on the big game online. Below is a quick look at the moneyline odds for this matchup.

Experts Predict the Steelers-Chiefs Outcome

Every team competing in this season’s NFL playoffs is elite. Several of these teams have managed to stand out with their regular season performances and are rightfully listed as the Super Bowl betting favorites. That includes the Kansas City Chiefs, sitting as the second-highest favorite to win the championship this year.

Nearly all NFL betting sites list the Chiefs as the -750 favorites to bear Pittsburgh this Sunday. Kansas City has lost just once since October and looked phenomenal in their win over the Steelers a few weeks ago. Mahomes has looked incredible as of late with nearly 5,000 passing yards during the regular season. Another dominant win for the Chiefs is a very real possibility.

Football fans will be hard-pressed to find an NFL analyst picking Pittsburgh to win on Sunday. The Steelers earned this playoff spot at least partly on luck and have not appeared to be a Super Bowl contender over the last couple of months. That likely explains why they enter this game as the +550 underdogs.

Those looking to capitalize on the Steelers vs. Chiefs point spread may find themselves in luck. There is reason to believe that Pittsburgh can put up a better game this weekend than they did last December. With 12.5 points, the Steelers’ spread could be an attractive option for some bettors.

This is just one of many important games taking place this weekend. Below is a quick look at some of the other matchups fans will be treated to over the next few days.

Best NFL Betting Odds This Week: Jan. 15 – 17

The 2021/2022 NFL season has been one for the ages. Despite the numerous difficulties associated with the pandemic, things have run fairly smoothly. The games have been great and it’s still anyone’s guess which teams will find themselves competing for the championship next month.

Much will depend on how the games taking place this weekend play out. BetOnline is already providing its members with some incredible odds on each of these matches.

Many are choosing to make early bets on the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals game this Saturday. The Raiders (+197) earned a hard-fought win over the San Diego Chargers last Sunday. The Bengals (-227) ended the regular season on top of the AFC North, yet remain a major underdog to win the Super Bowl.

Millions will also tune in to watch how the Philadelphia Eagles fare against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The Eagles (+320) barely earned a wild-card spot, yet enter this game with the best rushing in the league. That is not going unnoticed by the Buccaneers (-400) and Tom Brady, who are looking to earn their second-straight championship win in February.

What do you think of the Steelers vs. Chiefs point spread? How do you see this game playing out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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