Sweden’s Gambling Bonus Rules Aren’t Being Followed

At the start of 2019, Sweden officially began opening up its online gambling industry to foreign companies. Many of the world’s top online gambling operators are now available here, yet the government isn’t making it easy for them. This week, news has come out that Sweden’s gambling bonus rules aren’t being adhered to by a number of gambling sites operating inside the country.

The gambling regulation group here (Spelinspektionen) is warning these websites to begin following the rules or face the consequences. Sweden isn’t playing games, and the foreign gaming companies here are facing some of the strictest regulations of any market in Europe.

Recent Online Gambling Regulations in Sweden

We’ve covered some of the recent changes to Sweden’s online gambling regulations. This country is working hard to protect their players and prevent problem gambling. As we mentioned earlier, the market has only been open to foreign companies for a couple of months.

At the beginning of February, Sweden announced a fresh set of new laws toward online gambling advertising. Citizens here can choose to block themselves from gambling ads and websites. Despite this, many of these websites continued to target these people with advertisements.

Sweden’s gambling regulatory board was quick to push against this. They warned these companies to immediately stop marketing toward people who’d blocked themselves. Failure to comply with these rules could result in a countrywide ban.

According to the Spelinspektionen, certain companies here are not following Sweden’s gambling bonus rules. This group has once again sent out a warning letter to begin adhering to these laws.

What Exactly Are Sweden’s Gambling Bonus Rules?

Sweden has set some of the strictest rules in Europe for online gambling companies. Gambling websites here cannot utilize most traditional marketing tactics. Sweden’s gambling bonus rules are also some of the most restrictive.

Most websites focus heavily on providing promotions to their members. These can be in the form of deposit bonuses and even free money to place bets. Bonuses are one of the most effective ways for gambling sites to maintain their user bases.

Sweden has implemented a law that only allows gambling companies to offer a bonus when a player first registers. Additional player promotions are completely banned. According to the government here, many websites are not following these rules.

“There is a definition in the law that states that all discounts or similar financial incentives linked to games are to be seen as a bonus,” said Spelinspektionen operations chief Patrik Gustavsson. “It is also clear that a licensee can only offer bonuses the first time a player plays at the licensee’s site.”

Future of Sweden’s Online Gambling Industry

Sweden’s government offered the only legal online gambling options for many years. Despite this, many Swede’s opted to make their bets through unlicensed online gambling sites in Europe, and the Swedish government was forced to rethink their strategy. Today, many sites are legally offering wagers here.

It’s likely that the liberalization of the Swedish gambling market is earning the Swedish government millions in revenue. Unfortunately, the strict laws here may eventually hurt the industry. If enough sites begin to leave the market, the industry could return to what it was prior to 2019.

Reports will soon come out to show how well the online gambling industry in Sweden is doing. Hopefully, the websites operating here are doing well enough to continue their operations.

Do you think Sweden’s gambling bonus rules are too extreme? Will gambling sites here decide to leave in the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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