Many Gambling Companies in Switzerland Are Now Blacklisted

Back in January, lawmakers in Switzerland approved a completely new set of online gambling regulations. This week, more than 60 gambling companies in Switzerland have been officially blacklisted. It’s a tough break for these gaming operators, many of which are the biggest and more profitable in Europe.

Things are changing fast in this country. Let’s take a quick look at the new set of online gambling laws in Switzerland. We’ll also discuss why this country expelled so many gambling operators.

The Evolution of Switzerland’s Gambling Laws

Switzerland has a complex set of gambling laws. The first regulations here were set in 1921 and remained in place until 1993, when lawmakers began taking a closer look at the gambling industry.

In 1998, the government approved the Federal Act on Games of Chance to ban online gambling in Switzerland. But things began to change over the next two decades, with certain online gambling operators being allowed to run in the country. All online gambling sites in Europe operating within Switzerland were required to establish partnerships with the country’s land-based gambling operators.

In January of 2019, lawmakers in Switzerland once again changed the country’s gambling laws. Under the new regulations, land-based casinos in Switzerland can offer online gambling services. Any of the companies operating here without a partnership with land-based gaming companies are now being kicked out.

The country’s gambling commission (Camlot) has officially published a list of blacklisted companies. It’s a tough blow for these gambling operators who have worked hard to break into the Swiss market.

65 Gambling Companies in Switzerland Are Officially Blacklisted

Switzerland is kicking out a huge number of gambling operators. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must now block these sites. Several of the biggest online gambling companies in Europe are being blacklisted, including Bet365.

For some companies, this will have almost no impact. Several operators, including Bwin, PartyPoker, and William Hill have already removed themselves from the country.

Interestingly, voters in Switzerland actually approved these new measures. Residents here felt that international gambling companies were making money off of Swiss gamblers without giving back to the country.

Things can still change in the future. In fact, some of the companies that were blacklisted this week have expressed interest in operating in Switzerland within the next few years.

Bet365 Plans to Operate in Switzerland Once Again

Switzerland is making it very clear that they want foreign gambling websites to obey their laws. There’s still a chance for companies to operate here in the future. These companies must obey the current set of laws for five years.

Gambling operators can’t use any tricks to promote their services to Swiss players. Because several European gambling companies allow players to use VPNs to access their websites, the Swiss gambling authority will monitor these activities.

Bet365 has stated that it intends to operate in Switzerland in the future. Unfortunately, it will be years before this happens.

There’s still a chance for lawmakers in this country to update their gambling laws once again. Several European countries have begun to liberalize their gambling regulations. Sweden, for instance, now earns millions of dollars each month from this industry.

Do you think gambling companies in Switzerland should be blacklisted? How will this affect the country’s gambling market moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

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