Teams and Managers Announced for Global Poker League

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Mediarex Sports & Entertainment, the owner of the Global Poker League (GPL), announced the names, locations, and managers of the dozen teams that will participate in the inaugural running of the new league.

The cities were actually named last year, but it looks like one change has been made, as Barcelona has been swapped out for Rome. If the league is to be structured like has been previously announced, it will be split into two conferences: Americas and Eurasia. The Americas conference will include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, New York, San Francisco, and Montreal. The Eurasia conference will be composed of Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, and Hong Kong.

Last week, 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker revealed that he was going to head up the Las Vegas team. In a wild coincidence, that team just happens to be called the Las Vegas Moneymakers. Here, according to the GPL website, are the twelve teams and managers that will make up the 2016 Global Poker League:

Berlin Bears: Manager Philipp Gruissem
Hong Kong Stars: Manager Celina Lin
Los Angeles Sunset: Manager Maria Ho
Las Vegas Moneymakers: Manager Chris Moneymaker
London Royals: Manager Liv Boeree
Montreal Nationals: Manager Marc-Andre Ladouceur
Moscow Wolverines: Manager Anatoly Filatov
New York Rounders: Manager Bryn Kenney
Paris Aviators: Manager Fabrice Soulier
Rome Emperors: Manager Max Pescatori
San Francisco Rush: Manager Faraz Jaka
Sao Paulo Metropolitans: Manager Andre Akkari

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Mediarex, commented on the latest developments in a press release, saying:

Today is an exciting day in Global Poker League history, the confirmation of our team managers is a crucial step towards our goal. We’ve secured an incredible amount of talented leaders to represent our 12 franchise teams as well as strong intent from some of the world’s best poker players to make themselves draftable on 25th February. We’re looking forward to what the next few months and the inaugural season of the Global Poker League will bring for fans across the globe.

The next step in the Global Poker League is to hold a draft to fill out the teams. On January 18th, the top 1,000 players in the Global Poker Index will be invited to enter their names into the draft pool and a month later, on February 18th, the draft order will be randomized for each round. The draft itself will be held on February 25th at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills and live streamed on Twitch. There will be three rounds at the live draft, though that leaves one spot remaining on each team. That fifth and final spot will be filled by a “Wild Card,” selected by each team manager during the week after the draft.

The remaining details of the Global Poker League are a bit hazy right now. What has been previously announced is that there will be at least fourteen events, spread across live venues, television studios, and online. The GPL World Championships will take place this summer at a yet-to-be-disclosed live venue in the United States.

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