The Launch of D.C. Lottery’s Sports Betting Could Be Just Days Away

As we approach the end of the month it looks like the D.C. Lottery may be gearing up to make a big announcement as it hopes to have its sports betting platform launched by June 1st.

The online sports betting platform, called GambetDC, will give people the opportunity to place bets using the app in early June if all goes as planned. That’s great news for sports bettors in this region since most professional sports are ramping back up.

Expect a Soft Launch Rather Than a Full-Scale Launch

While the sports betting app may be close to ready, the sports world itself isn’t offering its usual amount of action. This has prompted the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming to warn it will be more of a “soft launch” in June:

“While we recognize there will be a limited number of events to wager on, this ‘soft launch’ will provide us with an opportunity to roll out the GambetDC website to potential players in the District in preparation for the return of sports.”

Although a soft launch might not be met with as much enthusiasm, it does give GambetDC a chance to ease into online sports betting, which could end up being a good thing. It’s a great way to work out the kinks before things get really intense as the sports action picks up.

Not Exactly as Scheduled

While the soft launch is certainly coming as good news to sports bettors in the D.C. area, the fact remains that it isn’t exactly the schedule that was originally planned upon. In fact, the online betting platform was originally supposed to launch back in September.

The idea was that it would be live in time for the start of the NFL season. The plan didn’t proceed since there was a lawsuit pertaining to the no-bid contract that has been granted to Intralot.

From there, an announcement was made in January that the app would be ready in March with the idea that it would arrive in time for the start of the MLB season.

Again, the target deadline was missed, but this time it was because they wanted to “revise the launch strategy“. In March the D.C. Lottery stated that the site had been tested and was ready to go live it was just the matter of the strategy.

Hyping the New Launch Date

So as the new launch date approaches, the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming is working hard to create buzz and interest.

“The [GambetDC] website will be available to the general public with this release. The native iOS and Android apps will be unveiled in early June. A full-scale advertising and marketing campaign promoting GambetDC will launch as soon as there is a more robust schedule of major sporting events.”

In terms of which sports will be available for betting, right now there are plans for the PGA to return the second week of June, NASCAR has already returned, UFC is back, and Germany’s top soccer league Bundesliga all offer gaming and betting opportunities approved in the District.

There are also talks in the NHL, NBA, MLB, and other top soccer leagues about when they will resume play. It should be noted that horse racing wagers will not be available to those looking to place a bet on the platform leaving a bit of a void for those with an interest in the sport.

In order to place a bet on the app, people will need to be within the city limits and must be over the age of 18 years old.

Rick Rockwell

As a longtime freelance writer, avid sports fan, former athlete, and experienced sports bettor, Rick Rockwell has risen up the ranks at to become the self-professed "King of the Blog" in his first year with the site.

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