UFC Boss Banned From Palms Casino

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Being banned from a high profile casinos seems to be all the rage these days, just ask Ben Affleck! Yet it is not just people from the movie industry that are being banned for being too good at the games but also those from the UFC industry.

Dana White who is a UFC boss and a well known high stakes gambler in Las Vegas has been banned from placing bets at the Palms Casino. Initially he had his betting limits from $25k to $5k but was later told he would not be allowed to place any bets at all in the casino.

The reason for this? Being too good apparently. He had been on a hot streak spread across three months in which he reportedly won $2 million from the casino.

Dana is a hugely successful businessman due to his involvement in the UFC and certainly has large amounts of money to throw around, yet he will now have to find another casino in which to enjoy his high rolling.

While he can still go to other casinos, this will be a blow to not only him but the casino staff as well. He is a very popular customer at the casino due to being one of the most generous tippers, sometimes even giving out hundreds of thousands to both staff and dealers when he wins big. He has actually been labeled as the best tipper in town by many, so the staff will be hugely disappointed not to be receiving any of his mega bucks tips in the near future.

It seems that casinos are really feeling the pinch as of lately and are not prepared to gamble like they used to. If a player is too successful they simply ban them and hope that more unsuccessful players come through the doors to replace them.

We are sure that Dana White will have no trouble finding himself a new casino, it is Las Vegas after all, though he might have to try and stop winning so much if he wants to stay at any of them for long. We will keep you updated on whether he does ever return to the Palm casino or finds a new favorite haunt to gamble in, though somehow we believe the latter to be more likely.

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