UK Labour Party Wants New Online Gambling Regulations

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The UK has been seriously increasing its online gambling regulations over the past few months. That’s led to some backlash by gambling operators inside the country. Now, the UK Labour Party is promising new online gambling regulations in the UK if they come to power.

Both gambling fans and online gambling operators here are worrying. Will this country’s industry soon have the most restrictions in Europe? Let’s look back the recent regulations put in place here and discuss what to expect in the future.

2019 Online Gambling Regulations in the UK

For many years, the United Kingdom’s online gambling market was the gold standard in Europe. The Gambling Commission set a number of regulations on the industry, yet companies operating here enjoyed the freedom to market their products without many restrictions. That trend is beginning the change.

One of the biggest changes this month was the ban on many forms of online gambling advertising. Companies operating here can no longer market toward anyone appearing to be under the age of 18. That includes featuring advertisements on websites with a significant amount of under-18 traffic.

Just last week, the Gambling Commission called on the public’s opinion over a potential ban on credit cards for online gambling. This is one of the biggest restrictions to the online gambling market in the UK to date. The Gambling Commission has called on public opinion in the past, and it’s unclear whether or not the credit card ban will actually go through.

Now, one of the UK’s major political parties is giving its take on the online gambling industry. The UK Labour Party is promising to set a number of new restrictions on the online gambling industry if they come to power. Naturally, online gaming operators in the country are beginning to worry once again.

Why is the UK Labour Party Pushing for New Online Gambling Regulations?

This seems to have come a little out of left field. Party leaders are voicing their opinion that new restrictions on online gambling are necessary. Tom Watson is the most vocal about the potential new online gambling regulations. According to him, the UK is facing a “hidden epidemic” due to the rise of online gambling.

Watson recently spoke at the Institute for Public Policy Research in London. During his speech, he stated that online gambling addiction should be treated as a “public health emergency.” He continued by stating,

“Whereas gambling in the offline world is highly regulated, the lack of controls on online gambling is leading to vulnerable consumers suffering huge losses.”

If the Labour Party comes to power, it will set new legislation that focuses primarily on the online gambling industry. It’s likely that this scenario would face some backlash from the newly formed NEWCO group.

Of course, for this to actually happen, the Labour Party would need to gain more control over the government. Sites like Betway Sportsbook are already offering betting odds for the UK general election likely not taking place until 2022.

Will the Labour Party Win During the UK’s General Election?

Under UK law, the next general election will not take place until 2022. Of course, with this country’s political scene in shambles, that could change. Regardless of when it happens, there are already betting odds for the results of this election.

At the moment, the Labour Party is actually high in the betting odds to win the most seats in the House of Commons. They’re behind the Conservatives, whose odds currently sit at 1.72. The Conservatives currently hold the most seats.

The Labour Party came remarkably close to gaining a majority at the House of Commons in 2017. Since that time, the UK has been forced to deal with stalled Brexit negotiations, and it’s possible that this party will gain more traction heading into the next election. The Labour Party holds of 2.37 to win the most seats during the UK’s next general election.

Gambling regulations are increasing around the world. If the UK Labour Party gains more power, the restrictions in the country could increase even more.

What do you think of the new regulations on the UK’s online gambling industry? Will the Labour Party win during the next general election? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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