U.S. Senate Hearing Will Address Impact of Gambling on College Sports

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Keeping the integrity of collegiate sports alive and well will be one of the main concerns expressed in a U.S Senate hearing set to take place this week.

In fact, there will actually be two key topics discussed. One will be the impact that legalized sports betting can have on college sports, and the other will be name, image, and likeness rights for the student athletes.

To keep things streamlined and cohesive, the hearing will be split into two different sessions so that the main issues can be addressed fully and separately.

A Hot Topic Around the Entire Country

The way in which legalized sports betting affects the integrity of college sports has been a hot button topic throughout the nation since sports betting became legal in May 2018. As more and more states give the green light to legalized sports betting, this topic is being looked at more thoroughly.

Many universities across the country are against legalized sports betting where college sports are concerned. However, some argue that it makes sense to go ahead and legalize sports betting on college sports, but with very strict regulations.

There are hopes that this hearing may result in some sort of universal regulation on college sports betting rather than a state-by-state law.

The way the system is set up right now, each state is free to make their own decision on whether or not to legalize college sports betting. As such, each state can set up their own laws and regulations on this issue.

A universal approach could help to get rid of questions, confusion, and discrepancies between states. Currently, the trend among states is that they prohibit betting on in-state collegiate athletic events and programs. However, out of state collegiate athletics can be wagered on.

What’s at Risk in the Senate Hearing

While there is certainly a great number of people who would like to see a universal approach to the college sports betting regulations by opening it up to a Senate hearing, there is the risk that the Senate may choose to ban college sports betting all together.

There are plenty of athletic programs and universities pushing for a ban, so there is no shortage of support for this measure. The argument is that sports betting can harm the athlete and the integrity of the sport.

On the flip side, there are schools and athletic programs that choose to educate on the pitfalls of gambling habits instead of calling for an outright ban. It’s the enforcement versus education debate that sparks many different heated conversations.

Looking at the reasoning behind an outright ban, supporters believe there is no shortage of evidence on what a slippery slope it can be, just how damaging it can be to individual athletes, and why it may not be the best route to take.

It May Not End at the Senate

Finally, it’s important to note that while the Senate will most likely have a very robust debate on these issues, there is a very good chance that legalized collegiate sports betting will be left up to the Supreme Court to weigh-in on and make a final decision if it gets that far.

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