Vegas Interested in Targeting eSports?

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Vegas is keeping an eye on the budding eSports betting market. Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Nevada government has expressed interest in the developing eSports market inside the state and could target the genre when it comes to the betting realm.

Vegas is Interested

There are currently no laws against eSports specifically in Nevada, and that fact could pave the way to Vegas taking advantage of a potentially extremely lucrative – and untapped – sports betting market.

Las Vegas has been no stranger to hosting massive sporting events or events specifically centered around sports such as video game industry events, fantasy sports draft and party events, and the list goes on. Already maximizing prospective earnings on that side of the spectrum, Vegas could be ready to move on to dipping their toe in the pond of eSports betting, as well.

Some Obstacles

Of course, it’s never just about the level of interest, but also often about various obstacles in the way of a new venture. That’s precisely the case when it comes to Vegas and eSports officially coming together in the betting world, as there is a 21-year old age limit for anyone to enter a casino. Naturally, a large part of the eSports population – gamers and fans alike – would be under age.

The upside of hosting eSports tournament and taking bets dwindles, at least when it comes to live betting and in person participants. That doesn’t make it a total loss, but it absolutely could be negative enough to stall serious interest.

Two other key issues could arise – setting betting odds and moderation. Vegas will have to figure out exactly how to calculate and set fair and accurate odds, both for the books and for the bettors. In addition, they’ll have to make sure they can monitor the action.

The eSports realm is certainly growing, but it is a genre that lacks experts – especially betting experts. Figuring out how to bet is one incredibly difficult task, but it could arguably be even tougher to figure out how to start the process by setting the odds in the first place.

Decision Coming Soon

While there are always going to be small issues in the way of new endeavours, if it’s going to happen, it’s unlikely to be delayed for long. The good news is eSports betting is completely legal in Vegas and a committee is already set in place to discuss furthering Nevada’s involvement later in August.

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