WA’s Sports Betting Bill Makes its Way to Gov. Inslee

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Washington state is one of many around the country interested in expanding its gambling industry. For years, lawmakers here have been looking to finally approve sports betting legislation. New reports have now confirmed that WA’s sports betting bill has made its way all the way to Governor Inslee’s office.

This state is closer to approving sports betting than ever before. Many are confident that this form of gambling will be legalized here before the end of the year. Today, we’ll talk about what still needs to be done for sports betting to get approved.

Let’s get into it!

US Sports Betting Revenue Drops Slightly in May

The US sports gambling industry has expanded dramatically over the past few years. Today, more than half the country has approved measures to legalize this form of gambling. Specific regulations toward sports betting vary from state to state.

Most states have seen major increases in their sports gambling revenue over the last twelve months. These revenue figures are constantly fluctuating, though. The majority of states with regulated sports gambling industries set in place have reported revenue declines over the month of May.

That includes Iowa. This state launched its sports gambling industry back in 2019. Some were surprised to see that gross gaming revenue from sports betting came out to $6.1 million in May. That represents a staggering 20.8% drop when compared to last April.

Oregon’s sports betting industry is even newer. This May, Oregon’s sports gambling industry managed to bring in $2.4 million in sports betting revenue. That is an 11.1% decrease from the $2.7 million earned the month prior.

This downward trend can be seen around the entire country. Fortunately, it seems unlikely to last very long. Major sporting events throughout the summer will likely lead to major revenue increases throughout June, July, and August.

More states are now looking more at the regulation of sports gambling. It appears Washington is closer to getting this industry regulated than ever before. Here’s an update on this situation.

Here’s an Exciting Update on WA’s Sports Betting Bill

Lawmakers in Washington have been proposing bills to legalize sports betting since PASPA was removed back in May of 2018. For years, all of these bills have been shut down. There seems to be some real progress being made in this state right now, though.

A bill that amends the state gambling compacts for tribes to offer sports betting inside casinos was approved by the Washington State Legislature last year. This week, the Washington State Gambling Commission voted 7-0 to approve this compact. It was a huge step to get legalized sports betting in the state.

This compact will not make its way to Governor Inslee’s office. This is one of the final approvals necessary for this industry to get up and running here. Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA) Executive Director Rebecca George released a statement about this situation to the media this week.

“The Commission’s vote highlights the strong and collaborative partnership between tribes and the state that has emerged over the last three decades as our limited and carefully regulated system of gaming has taken shape. By fitting sports betting into the existing – and proven – tribal gaming system, the state has ensured that sports betting revenues will stay in Washington and will go towards uplifting historically marginalized communities, while creating local jobs, boosting the state economy and funding critical services for those in need,” George said.

There is clearly some major progress being made. It seems likely that Governor Inslee will give approval for the measures here. This will pave the way for both land-based and online sports gambling to become available throughout the state.

Sports fans in Washington may finally have the opportunity to make wagers through regulated sports gambling options. Stay tuned for updates on the Governor’s decision here over the next few weeks!

Here’s What to Bet on in June of 2021

There are some incredible sporting events taking place over the next few weeks. WA’s sports betting bill has yet to be formally approved, yet residents here still have some great options to bet on their favorite sports online. A huge number of world-class online sportsbooks are currently up and running here.

Many are heading over to BetOnline to bet on their favorite sports. This website is well-known for being one of the safest and most modern betting sites in the country. It offers just about everything that sports fans need to make bets on their favorite teams and players.

The NBA Playoffs are underway and basketball fans are now making their bets on the different games taking place. Some are also choosing to bet on which team ends up winning the championship. The Brooklyn Nets remain the betting favorites with odds of +110. Utah Jazz come in next with odds of +250.

The 2021 NHL Playoffs are also underway right now. Want to bet on which team wins the Stanley Cup? Easy! The Vegas Golden Knights are listed as the +110 favorites. Tampa Bay Lightning are next with odds of +150. The New York Islanders come next at +625. Lastly, the Montreal Canadiens hold odds of +1000 to win the championship.

These are just a few of the exciting events that members of BetOnline can bet on right now. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation here over the next few weeks.

Do you think WA’s sports betting bill will be approved this year? When do you expect the first sportsbooks to launch here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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