Week 1 NFL Betting Breaks Records for US Sportsbooks

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  • The first week of the NFL’s regular season is set to conclude tonight with the Ravens-Raiders game. 
  • Week 1 NFL betting has already broken records for states around the country. 
  • Odds on the Ravens vs. Raiders game are now being offered online. 

The first week of the NFL’s regular season is nearly wrapped up. According to numerous reports, week 1 NFL betting was more popular this year than ever before. In fact, football betting broke numerous records for sportsbooks around the country.

Many expect to see these revenue reports increasing as the year goes on. Several states are still working to get their first sportsbooks up and running.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation!

Millions of Americans Take Part in Week 1 NFL Betting

The US sports betting industry has been steadily growing over the past few years. Heading into this week’s opening week of the NFL season, many states officially launched their first regulated sports betting options. This was done in hopes of earning valuable revenue from the bets placed on this season.

It is now clear that week 1 NFL betting has been extremely popular. GeoComply, a location service company that works with US sportsbooks, claims that more than 58 million NFL bets were placed over the weekend. That represents a staggering 126% increase when compared to the opening week of the 2020 NFL season.

Betting on this week’s games will likely help to bring in a staggering amount of tax revenue for states around the country. That includes Nevada, home to a huge number of popular sportsbooks. John Murray, executive director of the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas, spoke about this surge of football wagers to ESPN this week.

“It was great to hear the crowds in here again on a full NFL Sunday,” Murray said. “The mobile betting dominates the landscape these days, but we loved seeing so much over-the-counter business back at the SuperBook after it fell off in 2020 due to the pandemic and occupancy restrictions.”

More states are expected to launch their first sportsbooks over the next couple of months. Here’s a quick look at where this could happen.

States Prepare to Launch First Regulated Sportsbooks

Lawmakers across many states chose to legalize sports betting over the past two years. Incredibly, some of these states have yet to actually launch any sportsbooks. First, officials here have needed to come to specific agreements with various groups in order to do so.

Several states appear close to launching their first sportsbooks. That includes Louisiana, which approved sports betting legislation all the way back in November of 2020. Several issues have come up getting the first sportsbooks operational here, yet it seems these will finally launch within a few weeks.

Nebraska is another state that has approved a sports betting bill. Nebraska’s Gaming and Racing Commission has been working to come up with specific regulations to get this industry live. Officials claim the first sportsbooks will launch here in either late 2021 or early 2022.

Much attention has been put on Florida launching its first sportsbooks this year. Ron DeSantis has approved compacts with the Seminole Tribe to do so. Unfortunately, various legal battles with anti-gambling groups and competitors of the Seminole Tribe have led to delays getting any sportsbooks live here.

There is still time to take part in week 1 NFL betting. Here’s a quick look at the last-minute odds for the big game taking place tonight!

Breaking Down the Monday Night Football Odds Online

This week’s NFL games have been tremendous. Fans were treated to several close matches yesterday. That includes the nail-biting 49ers vs. Lions and Chiefs vs. Browns games. Both had bettors around the country on the edge of their season.

BetOnline is providing some fantastic odds on tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Raiders. Fans seem torn as to who will come out on top. The odds reflect how difficult this game is to predict.

The Baltimore Ravens come in as the -190 favorites. Those odds would likely have been swayed more in this team’s favor were it not for several recent injuries. Still, the Ravens come into this match as the team expected to win.

The Las Vegas Raiders enter this game as the +165 underdogs. The team seems confident in their ability to go far this season. A win over Baltimore could help to change how some view the Raiders’ chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Are you surprised to see how popular week 1 NFL betting was? Which team do you think wins tonight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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