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Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football: Picking the Optimal Lineup

We had a pretty fun week with our daily fantasy football optimal lineup in week nine. The logic was mostly spot on, as we nailed most of our calls across the board and finished in the money in the DraftKings Millionaire Maker game ($30).

It’s not the big winnings we hoped for, but if you used week nine’s team, you definitely found success. The week could have been even more special, but Rob Gronkowski sacked us with just 8.7 fantasy points, Big Ben left his game against the Raiders early with a foot injury, the Broncos laid a total egg on defense and Stevie Johnson didn’t pay off like we’d hoped. Martavis Bryant ended up scoring but didn’t have as big of a game as we thought he would, either.

Still, it was a great lineup and a winning one. We nailed on Antonio Brown (49 points!) and everyone not named Broncos/Gronk had 12 or more fantasy points. Let’s check out what the player pool has to offer in week 10 and see what our ideal DFS team should look like:

QB: Blake Bortles – Jaguars ($5.6k)

Tom Brady is insanely over priced and the only expensive passer I’m really interested in is Aaron Rodgers. He’s tempting, but going value at quarterback is what usually works, plus it frees us up to get a good team, instead of one elite player at this position. Bortles could be a top 5 producer this week, anyways, as he’s averaging 21 fantasy points per outing in 2015 and also gets a horrid Baltimore pass defense. I’d also consider Kirk Cousins ($5.2k) and Johnny Manziel ($5.k) but they’re not nearly as stable as Bort.

RB: DeAngelo Williams – Steelers ($6.5k)

D-Will (foot) is a little banged up and I’m not a huge fan of his price, but I’m tired of missing out on this guy going off. Ben Roethlisberger is out and Pitt is at home against a truly awful Browns defense. Williams should enjoy another fine day.

RB: DeMarco Murray – Eagles ($6.2k)

Murray has been a total stud lately, producing 20+ fantasy points in three of his last four games. It looks like he and the Eagles have found their groove and at home against a bad Miami run defense, I can’t imagine they get knocked off the rails. I like other values a bit and if Matt Forte is out Jeremy Langford makes a ton of sense, but Murray is fairly rock solid going into week 10.

WR: Martavis Bryant – Steelers ($5.5k)

With Ben Roethlisberger likely out this week, Antonio Brown takes a huge hit. You know who doesn’t? Bryant, who has caught three touchdowns from, you guessed it, Landry Jones. I don’t love Jones at all but he knows how to get Bryant the ball and Bryant is light years from Brown ($8.8k) in terms of value this week.

WR: Randall Cobb – Packers ($6.7k)

Cobb returned to the world of fantasy relevance last week and I think he keeps the positive momentum going into week 10. Green Bay has had a tough time out on the road the past two weeks and I can’t see it being nearly as hard at home against a bad Lions team. I think Cobb is in line for a massive day.

WR: Allen Robinson – Jaguars ($6.7k)

Robinson is picking up in price because he’s just so dominant. He hasn’t dipped below 10 fantasy points since the first game of the year and in week 10 he’ll have a shot at going over 20 fantasy points for his fifth game in a row. I like his chances against a bad Ravens secondary and I also like the stacking of him with Bortles. Allen Hurns being banged up with a foot issue only helps his odds, too.

TE: Jordan Reed – Redskins ($4.6k)

I originally wanted Gary Barnidge, but with Manziel probably starting again this week, I’ve soured on him. I’d rather not pay up for TE, too, while Delanie Walker is unlikely to destroy two weeks in a row. That leaves me digging Reed, who scored last week and is generally targeted by Kick Cousins like crazy. He’s now at home against a bad Saints defense that specifically has issues keeping tight ends in check.

Flex: Stefon Diggs – Vikings ($5.1k)

Confession time: I am not completely settled at the Flex. In theory, I do like Diggs, as he was a menace for about four games before dropping a dud in week nine. He also draws the Raiders this week, and Oakland doesn’t defend the pass very well at all. Chances are he’ll be fine, but I’m also interested in LeGarrette Blount. Truth be told, if Forte sits, I’ll probably drop down to Langford here. Stay tuned.

Def: Pittsburgh Steelers ($3k)

I was set on the Seahawks, but why get cute with it when Pittsburgh is probably hosting Johnny Manziel in week 10? I like Manziel and hope he does well in time, but this is a hostile environment and he doesn’t look completely ready yet. One way or another, that probably means a lot more good for the Steelers defense than it does for Cleveland’s offense.

I wanted a closer in the Monday night game, but that’s definitely not something you want to force. I don’t want to force my Flex or Def, either, so depending on what happens with Josh McCown and Matt Forte in the next day, we could see changes. For now, this lineup is about as good as it gets for me, as there isn’t much more insane value I need to get my hands on. Feel free to use this team or just takes bits and pieces. Either way, good luck in your daily fantasy football leagues in week 10!

Kevin Roberts

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