Weekly Poker Roundup: October 15, 2018

Bobby Baldwin Exiting MGM

Poker titan Bobby Baldwin will be leaving his posts as Chief Customer Development Officer of MGM Resorts and CEO and President of CityCenter by the end of the year. The move was originally reported by Las Vegas lifestyle and industry blog Vital Vegas and later confirmed by MGM Resorts International. MGM didn’t have much to say about it, announcing the departure and saying:

“Few have played a more central role in the growth and transformation of the gaming industry than Bobby, and his contributions over more than three decades are immeasurable.

MGM Resorts thanks Bobby for all he has done for the company and all he has meant to this industry and wishes him the best for the future.”

Baldwin is a Poker Hall of Famer and won the 1978 World Series of Poker Main Event. He is one of the titans of the high stakes cash game scene; the famous high stakes room at the Bellagio, “Bobby’s Room,” is named after him.

The reasons that Baldwin is leaving are unknown, though Vital Vegas says he is being “forced out,” and that Bobby’s Room may have its name changed.

Poker Pro Facing State, Federal Drug Charges

Poker pro Micah Raskin is in a heap of trouble. In February, his Long Island, New York home and storage unit were raided by local police, who seized 358 pounds of marijuana, hashish oil, drug paraphernalia, and packaging equipment. Personal items such as vehicles and six-figures worth of cash were also seized.

He was charged by state authorities with a slew of felony counts related to drug and weapon possession, but now it’s getting worse for him as federal law enforcement has now gotten involved in what looks like a drug ring. He has been charged with distributing 100 kilograms or more of marijuana, which could result in his imprisonment for as much as 40 years. It certainly sounds like he was running a drug distribution scheme. According to Nassau County, Raskin:

“….allegedly received drug shipments…and stored them in his Old Westbury home and a Garden City storage facility before a courier delivered them to customers in Baltimore, Washington, D. C., Virginial and New York, charging $1400 for a pound of marijuana. It is believed this alleged activity went on for a period of several years.”

Methinks his poker career may be over.

Borgata Wants Ivey’s Nevada Assets in Edge Sorting Case

Hey, the Borgata-Phil Ivey legal battle still isn’t over. Courts have already ruled in favor of the Borgata, saying that Ivey’s edge sorting scheme in which he won millions at punto banco was cheating. Ivey has also been ordered to pay the Borgata $10.13 million in damages. This summer, Ivey’s legal team filed a motion to try to avoid repaying the money, claiming that doing so would cause Ivey severe personal and professional hardship. The Borgata pointed out that Ivey has been buying in to expensive poker tournaments, so he clearly has the money. A judge recently ruled in favor of the Borgata, telling Ivey to pay up.

Now the Borgata has filed a motion to go after Ivey’s assets in Nevada, as he has none in New Jersey. In the motion, Borgata counsel Jeremy Klausner states:

Defendant Ivey has substantial assets in Nevada. That is where he lives and that is where his businesses are based. In contrast, he has no identifiable assets in New Jersey. Given the foregoing, Borgata satisfies the ‘mere showing that the defendant has substantial property in the other district and insufficient [property] in the rendering district.’ As a result, good cause is shown and Borgata should be permitted to register this Court’s December 15, 2016 in the District of Nevada.

Among the assets listed are a condo and multiple businesses, including Ivey Poker. The motion even mentions a home in Mexico, citing social media posts that indicate Ivey or one of his businesses is the owner of the property.

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