We’re Seeing More Bets on Joe Biden as the Election Draws Closer

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The 2020 US presidential election is now just over three weeks away. It’s one of the most-contentious political build-ups in history and many are now placing wagers on how it might play out. With the election drawing closer, we’re seeing a huge number of bets on Joe Biden being made online.

It seems that many are confident in Biden’s chances. Anything can happen in American politics, though. Today, we’re going to take a look at the current odds for both Trump and Biden to be elected president this year.

Let’s get into it!

Political Betting is More Popular Now Than Ever Before

Online gambling has been slowly growing more popular around the world. Many countries have recently chosen to embrace this industry. That includes the US, where more than 20 states now have legal, regulated internet gambling industries.

Sports betting is extremely popular. A huge number of online sports betting websites now also offer political wagering options. There’s no doubt that the popularity of online political betting is surging with the election now around the corner.

All sites offer different forms of political betting. Many love MyBookie for its wide range of different political betting options. This site has been offering odds on the 2020 presidential election winner for months now.

MyBookie also provides its members with fun political prop betting options. Some of them are specifically aimed at Donald Trump. That includes bets on things like who he mentions during a debate.

Most bettors are simply choosing to bet on who is elected president next. We’ve seen these odds shift tremendously over the past four years. We’ve been covering how these presidential odds change for months! 

Here’s where things are heading right now.

Online Sportsbooks See a Surge of Bets on Joe Biden Lately

Back in 2016, Donald Trump was elected president in one of the biggest political upsets of all-time. It came as a major shock, particularly for those who wagered a significant amount of money on Hillary Clinton to get the nod. Recently, online sportsbooks have seen a huge surge in wagers placed on Joe Biden.

It’s not entirely surprising. Most polls list Biden as the betting favorite heading into election day. There are many that dispute these polls, however, pointing towards the fact that Clinton was listed as the favorite by most polls back in 2016.

New reports show that more than $150 million has been placed on this election around the world. It seems the vast majority of these wagers are now being placed on Biden. Gaming analyst Pete Watt spoke about the trend with the media this week.

“Over $150M has been staked on European political betting markets so far and the closer we get to November 3rd the closer we get to a Democratic victory — or so it seems,” Watt said. “The gap between Trump and Biden in the betting markets is getting closer in size to the one that has existed in the polls for months, but Biden’s fondness for a gaffe coupled with the learnings of 2016 suggest that to write off the president would be to do so at your peril.”

It will certainly be an interesting next few weeks. The second presidential debate has been canceled. The next one is expected to take place on October 22nd. It wouldn’t be a massive shock to see the odds change once this debate concludes.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

More US States Move Towards Sports Betting Regulation

As we just mentioned, sports betting is quickly growing around the US. Since May of 2018, 24 states have passed bills to legalize and regulate this industry. Many more are expected to do so over the next couple of months.

That includes Louisiana. This state is known for having a large, successful casino industry. As many already know, it also has one of the biggest sporting fan bases in the United States.

Officials here have been working to regulate sports betting for years. Recently, both the House and Senate approved a bill to legalize this industry. It’s now officially heading to the polls this November and most analysts feel it will be approved.

This is proving to be hugely successful for most states. Even this year, many parts of the country have seen their sports gambling revenue surge this year. That includes Colorado, which recently saw its revenue increase for the fourth-straight month.

There’s a good chance that we’ll see more bets on Joe Biden made over the next couple of weeks. Those looking for a great online sportsbook can head to MyBookie today. This site is offering fantastic odds for each candidate to win this year.

Do you plan to bet on the election this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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