Will Jon Jones’ Arrest News Affect His Odds Against Francis Ngannou?

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  • Reports surfaced today claiming Jon Jones has been arrested for battery domestic violence and vehicle tampering. 
  • Official statements on what led to the former light-heavyweight champion’s arrest have not come out. 
  • Fans are left wondering if Jon Jones’ arrest news will affect his future with the UFC. 

Earlier today, news broke that created feelings of deja vu for MMA fans around the world. Reports claim that Jon Jones has been arrested in Las Vegas in the early hours of Friday morning for domestic battery and illegal tampering of a vehicle. Some are now wondering if Jon Jones’ arrest news will affect his odds and possible matchup with Francis Ngannou.

This is obviously disappointing news for fight fans everywhere. Jon seemed to be on a good path and is now, once again, faced with legal trouble.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

What Affect Will Jon Jones’ Arrest News Have on his Odds Against Francis Ngannou?

MMA analysts around the world consider Jon Jones to be the greatest mixed martial artist in history. He entered the UFC in 2008 and won the light-heavyweight title less than three years later. During his run as champion, Jon defeated many of the world’s best fighters and did so in a fashion that fans had never seen before. Issues outside the cage plagued him and Jon was arrested on several occasions.

Jones made headlines by vacating his title after a narrow win over Dominick Reyes in early 2020. Since that time, he has been putting on muscle and weight in order to move up to the heavyweight division. Jon appeared to be fixing his personal life and was staying out of the headlines.

Unfortunately, news broke earlier today claiming Jon has been arrested in Las Vegas and charged with misdemeanor battery domestic violence, and illegal tampering of a vehicle. It brought back flashbacks for fans and journalists of the sport. As of now, little information on what exactly led to this arrest has come out.


It does not appear that Jon Jones’ arrest news has made an impact on his odds against Francis Ngannou. Jon remains the +120 underdog in this matchup. Francis Ngannou is one of the scariest heavyweight fighters of all time and comes into this bout as the -140 favorite.

It’s unclear exactly how these new legal charges will affect Jon Jones and his fighting career. It’s not unreasonable to speculate it could lead to this end of his career with the UFC. Let’s take about some of the different possible outcomes.

What is Next for the MMA Career of Jon Jones?

Jon Jones may very well be the most talented fighter to ever compete in MMA. He has never really lost during his run in the sport, despite facing the best fighters in the world for more than a decade. Jon is his own worst enemy and has given himself more problems than any of his opponents ever have.

This latest news is incredibly disappointing, yet not exactly surprising. Many are already speculating on how this latest legal problem could affect his future in the UFC and fighting career as a whole. It’s important to note that the specifics of this case have not come out and Jones should remain innocent until proven otherwise.

If indeed Jon is convicted of these crimes, he could be facing jail time. A judge may look at his prior run-ins with the law and decide that time behind bars is necessary. That could affect his training and, in turn, delay any of his plans to move into the heavyweight division.

The UFC may also decide that it is fed up with Jon’s behavior outside of the cage. A domestic battery case is one the promotion will not take likely. It’s not completely unreasonable to assume that Jon could ultimately be released from his UFC contract over this latest arrest.

Jon has managed to avoid any legitimate penalties for his legal troubles in the past. Perhaps his lawyers will manage to get him off here, too. We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on this case as they come out.

When is Ngannou vs. Gane Taking Place?

The UFC’s heavyweight division is loaded with some of the most dangerous fighters on the planet. Francis Ngannou has stood out as the scariest man in this weight class. He won the world title with a second-round knockout over Stipe Miocic last March and is expected to face Cyril Gane in his first title defense at some point in the next few months.

Gane is a former training partner of Ngannou. He captured the heavyweight interim title against Derrick Lewis in August. The Frenchman is one of the slickest strikers in heavyweight history and many feel he will be too technical for Francis when they compete.

The UFC has not announced when this exciting fight will take place. UFC 269 on December 11 is certainly a possibility. This card is in need of an exciting main event and none would be bigger than this heavyweight unification bout.

At the moment, BetOnline lists Francis Ngannou as the -105 underdog. He has almost inhuman punching power and has earned knockout wins in his past five bouts in the Octagon. Cyril Gane is listed as the -115 favorite and may prove to have too much skill as a kickboxer to get caught with one of Francis’ shots.

What do you think about Jon Jones’ arrest news? Do you expect this to have a major impact on his fighting future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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