WSC Sports Considering Move Into US Sports Betting Market

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An exciting new sports tech firm based in Israel is considering making a move into the US sports betting market. WSC Sports has already secured millions in funding and is emerging as one of the biggest innovators in the virtual sports industry. A move into the United States makes perfect sense based on the new embrace of sports gambling here.

Today, we’re going to look at why this company has grown so popular in recent years. We’ll also talk about the potential move into the US sports gambling market. Let’s get into it!

WSC Sports Secures Additional $23 Million in Funding

WSC Sports launched six years ago in Israel. This sports tech company uses AI to create live-video highlights on major sporting events. Essentially, it programs its computer systems to understand sporting events as they take place.

The artificial intelligence then picks out pivotal moments such as impressive slam dunks or home runs and creates custom video highlights while the game is still taking place. These videos are available to individual customers and sports leagues. Today, WSC Sports has secured official partnership deals with the NBA, MLS, PGA Tour, and more.

Recently, WSC secured an additional $23 million in Series C funding. Daniel Shichman, CEO of the company, recently stated that the money may be used to break into the sports betting market by teaming up with in-game betting providers.

“It can be used to attract users,” he said. “There might be a soccer game where the underdog scores first. A push notification can be sent, and the odds are changing dramatically. Fans are getting real-time video. We’re basically super powering those rights holders.”

A Move Into the US Might Be Next for WSC Sports

For many years, only Nevada could legally offer sports betting. This all changed in May of 2018. That month, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, opening the doors for each state to set its own laws on sports gambling.

Today, 10 US states have already legalized sports gambling. Many more have pending legislation to allow this popular form of wagering. New Jersey is emerging as the hottest new sports betting market, generating millions of dollars each month from this industry.

Officials at WSC Sports have stated that they’re interested in breaking into the US gambling market. In-game betting is growing extremely popular in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The opportunity to offer real-time video highlights of sporting events could help gambling sites in these states attract new players.

This company has already earned $39 million in total funding. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern and former ESPN digital executive John Kosner have officially signed on as advisors. Most agree that the US is the most exciting new sports gambling destination, and it makes perfect sense for WSC Sports to begin operating here.

US Sports Betting Market Continues to Grow

The US Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate PASPA brought new life to the US sports betting industry. Online sports betting sites have always existed here, yet many still preferred to make their wagers in-person at Las Vegas sportsbooks. Now, several states offer legal, regulated sports betting options both on land and over the internet.

Online sports betting is even available in the states that haven’t regulated the industry yet! There are a huge number of fantastic US online sportsbooks that offer thousands of odds every single day. They also tend to offer quick, safe payment options to their members.

More than $150 billion is said to be wagered on sports every year in the US. It’s without a doubt the fastest-growing sports betting market in the world.

A number of major UK-based gambling operators are already operating here. William Hill has been losing money from its land-based betting shops due to new regulations and is now setting its sights on the United States. We’ll need to wait and see how WSC Sports manages to fair here.

Do you think WSC Sports will succeed in the US? What state do you want to see legalize sports betting next? Let us know in the comments section below!

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