You Can Now Bet on Bitcoin’s Price Online!

For the past month, the price of Bitcoin has been surging. It’s been fascinating to watch, and many investors are now debating how high the cryptocurrency could go. Now, it’s possible to bet on Bitcoin’s price online through one of the best online sportsbooks in the US!

This is offering bettors some massive opportunities to win big. Bitcoin seems set to hit a new all-time high this week.

Let’s check out the betting options available!

Bitcoin’s Price Hits $19,000 For the First Time in Years

Back in December of 2017, something unique happened. After months of being below the $10,000 mark, the price of Bitcoin began to rapidly increase. On December 16th, the price of a single Bitcoin hit $19,891.

Shortly afterward, the price plummeted. Just a few years later, this price dropped down to below $4,000. It was a fascinating situation and led many to believe that Bitcoin was somewhat of a scam that would never break past $19,000 again.

That did not end up being the case. This week, the price of Bitcoin once again passed the $19,000 mark. It’s now shaping him to hit a new all-time high. Investors are scrambling to decide whether or not to withdraw their money.

PayPal’s introduction of cryptocurrency trading seems to have ignited this price jump. Not long ago, this company pushed against the idea of integrating Bitcoin. It now allows its hundreds of millions of users to purchase several different cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s price surge has also helped to boost the price of other cryptocurrencies. Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP have experienced massive rises in their prices recently. No one seems to know how long this price increase will carry on for.

Now, one of the best online gambling websites in the country is allowing its players to wager on how high Bitcoin could go.

Here’s How to Bet on Bitcoin’s Price Online Today!

It’s anyone’s guess where Bitcoin’s price will end up. Some analysts predict it will break its all-time high before dropping once again. Others claim we’re in the middle of a massive bull run, and the price of Bitcoin could continue increasing for weeks.

Bovada is now offering odds on a number of different scenarios. This site is known for offering a massive range of different wagering options. Members can now bet on Bitcoin’s price online through this popular internet sportsbook.

One wager that many are taking is on whether or not the price of Bitcoin will increase or decrease between 8 PM ET and 10 PM ET today. The odds are dead even at -115 for each wager. This price can change quickly, making this a difficult one to predict.

This same bet is available every single day this week. That means it’s possible to place several different wagers for each day predicting the price will continue to increase or decrease. Either of these options could pay off massively.

More of these types of bets are likely to become available sometime over the next few weeks. The recent price jumps are generating interest from mainstream media outlets.

We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on these wagers. There is a lot that can happen in the next few months!

Other Fun Betting Options Available Through Bovada

Many people around the world are now asking how to bet on Bitcoin’s price online. Bovada is allowing its members to wager on where the crypto’s price will end up over the next week. This is far from the only unique wagering option that this site is offering, though.

Bovada is providing a huge number of different wagering options right now. One that many are interested in is the option to bet on politics. Even with the US election over, there are still several fun options to wager on US politics.

Some are choosing to bet on who becomes the US President in 2024. Obviously, that is a long way away and no one even knows who will be running. There are some intriguing betting odds available for the next election, though.

Kamala Harris is the current betting favorite with odds of +400. She is set to become the next Vice-President of the US and is likely to run for President in 2024. This may be the smartest wager available right now.

Donald Trump is another betting favorite. He lost the election this year, yet some believe he’ll be back by the time 2024 comes around. At the moment, Bovada lists Trump as a +800 underdog to win the next election.

Make sure to head to Bovada today to see everything that is available!

Do you plan to bet on Bitcoin’s price online? Let us know in the comments section below!

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