Astralis vs. Natus Vincere Betting Preview: Odds, Picks, and Value

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As you probably know, Intel Extreme Masters XV Beijing-Haidian is still going strong. The European event’s playoffs are just around the corner and, my oh my, they’re bringing forth a ton of exceptional matchups! As the title suggests, we’re going to be focusing on Astralis vs. NaVi picks here. It’s one of the hottest quarterfinals out there, guaranteeing top-notch CSGO action from start to finish.

We’re talking about two top-tier EU sides here, both of which are eyeing another title to their tally. Both pack quite the punch in terms of quality, but I’d like to point out the individual superiority is at the side of the CIS team. S1mple is just too good; respect to all Astralis players, but the Ukrainian master is one step ahead of everyone else. Astralis perhaps doesn’t have such a beastlike fragger, but they have a superb collective that deploys tier-A teamwork to correct their mechanical inferiorities.

All in all, there’s a lot of work ahead of us, and we need to take things slowly because our Astralis vs. NaVi picks have to go through!

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Astralis vs. NaVi Picks

Once again, we’re looking at one of four IEM XV Beijing quarterfinals here! The event features a single-bracket playoff which means the losing team is eliminated. The winner goes to the semifinals where they’ll face off against the better of Faze Clan vs. G2.

That’s another interesting matchup. NiKo is set to play against his former team for the first time following the biggest transfer in CSGO history. What sort of performance will two European powerhouses bring to the table tomorrow? Only time will tell, I’m afraid.

Back to our main topic – Astralis vs. NaVi picks! Let’s check out recent campaigns, compare their top fraggers, and take a quick look at the map pool stats!

Recent Results

Astralis are finally back together; their original, GOAT roster is back in action and they’re looking fine! Unfortunately, their results suggest a different story. They had won ESL Pro League S12 EU before xyp9x’s arrival. After the return of their very own clutch master, they’ve placed third on DH Open Fall and failed to win their BLAST Premier Fall Regular Season group.

NaVi had the same fate on BLAST Premier Fall having lost against OG in the final group stage round. They finished second on ESL Pro League S12 after failing to defeat Astralis in the grand finals. Now they’re set to play against them again – can they do better this time around? Well, that’s what we hope to unveil by the end of our Astralis vs. NaVi picks.

Player Form

One player rises above all others here. As you’d expect, I’m referring to Natus Vincere’s S1mple. Even though he’s not exactly been at the top of his game lately, his touch of brilliance can come back at any moment and that’s what makes him such a frightening sight on the server.

As mentioned earlier, the special thing about this Astralis roster is the players’ ability to play extremely well off each other. Whether we’re talking about perfectly timed executions, trades, or utility deployment – Astralis is near perfect! We can’t spend too much time talking about their individual prowess when their roster as a whole means a lot more than just the sum of individuals.

Map Pool Depth

Last time out, NaVi took Dust 2 away from Astralis, but the Great Danes climbed to a tough win on Nuke. And when everyone had thought the match is all over, Device and the boys swept through Train on double overtime and finished off with style. Overpass was the final map – Astralis took control right off the bat and never let go.

Statistically, we’re expecting a tight contest. Inferno, Nuke, Overpass and Vertigo are on Astralis’ side – Dust 2, Mirage, and Train should go in favor of the CIS team. If you can’t make up your mind as far as match-winner wagers are concerned, you can always test your luck with a good old total maps option!

Wrapping Things Up

It’s time to wrap everything up, guys! Here comes the inevitable:

Pick: Astralis
Odds: -225
$100 Could Win You...$210.00

Even though S1mple could be a real threat to the Great Danes, I reckon their teamwork and perfect executions should be enough to push them through once again. Last time out, Astralis took NaVi down with a map to catch up in a Bo5 grand final. This time around, both teams are on level terms coming into this one, and at -200, I really like the value we’re getting!

If you’re looking for higher odds; if you’re into riskier bets, I suggest going for total maps over 2.5. At the moment, total maps over 2.5 is at -115, which is pretty good considering the above-featured map pool stats. If you’re into these types of bets, take a swing at it!

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