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Yep, BLAST Premier Global Final is almost all wrapped up. There are just four more matches to go, one of which is the thrilling upper bracket final between Astralis and Team Liquid. These are the two teams that managed to string together two wins thus far. Vitality defeated Complexity and Liquid, both in 2:0 fashion. Astralis, on the other hand, took down EG and G2 but had to go the extra length on both occasions. These results make our Astralis vs. Vitality predictions that much more difficult. But, that’s not to say we’re going to quit – we won’t give up on our 2021 CSGO betting endeavors that easily!

Astralis vs. Vitality Betting Predictions

On the contrary, we’re going to dig even further than usual! Let’s hope we’ll find that much-needed value ahead of the last two days of the event!

Should You Bet on This Match?

Astralis vs. Vitality predictions aren’t for the faint of heart! This is bound to be a highly contested match from the very first round, and it could easily go either way no matter what the teams’ pep talk focus on before the match. Even though the loser isn’t going to be eliminated, there’s still an immense amount of pressure on both ends. The winner gets a spot on the grand finals with a chance to snatch the biggest share of the $1 million in prize money!

So take those words as a warning – if your betting bankroll is going through a rough time, it might be best for you to skip this one as it’s going to be a high-risk bet no matter which option we end up going with! If you’re in it for the thills, then Astralis vs. Vitality ought to be the best thing that happened for your CSGO betting endeavors thus far this year! I’m not even exaggerating – this is going to be a wicked contest!

Last Year’s Performances

Vitality’s 2020 was good as far as lengthy campaigns go. But, they were absolutely terrible when it came to closing out events. Some of you might already know that ZywOo and the boys participated in six grand finals in 2020. They only won two, against Astralis and NaVi of all teams.

If it wasn’t for that defeat (BLAST Premier Fall), Astralis would’ve had four notable titles in December alone! It’s safe to say they finished the year off with style, and it’s certain they’ll want to continue in the same fashion this year as well. Will they make it? Well, the easiest road would be to win against Vitality tomorrow and qualify for the grand finals. But, even if they lose it’s not game over just yet – they’ll still have another shot of reaching the grand finals, this time from the lower bracket!

Map Depth

Believe it or not, the map pool stats actually favor Vitality. Astralis could be in serious trouble map-wise since Train, their most lethal map in recent months, is Vitality’s permaban. On the other hand, the Frenchmen have superb numbers on Overpass and Inferno. Astralis won’t shy away from the latter though, seeing as they’ve been largely successful on it as well.

Either way, we’re looking at a tough contest. But wait, doesn’t that mean the safest Astralis vs. Vitality picks revolve around the match going into the third map?

Well yeah, there’s definitely plenty of value to be found there, but we have to account for the snowball potential that’s present on both ends. The team that wins the first map is likely to have that extra bit of momentum and sheer brute force to snatch the win on the second map… unless they F up the banning phase, that is…

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

ZywOo on one end, standing tall as the best fragger in the game; a pack of teamwork-oriented Scandinavians that rarely make mistakes await on the other end – who will stand victorious after the end of tomorrow’s upper bracket finals?

I’m not really sure how to address this one, seeing as both teams have excellent sets of players. There’s no easy way to call these matches, so let’s just leave it at this and call it a draw in the roster department! Still, I think we’ve gathered more than enough valuable info to finalize our Astralis vs. Vitality predictions. Here they are:

Astralis to win at 118 is our go-to bet here. In 2021, we’ll try to keep it simple for the most part. We won’t experiment with complex specials and gamble away our investments on other overcomplicated stuff. We’re keeping it real here guys, and by real we mean as straightforward and simple as possible.

That said, match-winner on Astralis is by definition a straightforward bet! But, why do I think Astralis has the upper hand here when even the biggest online esports bookmakers couldn’t decide which way to give the advantage?

Oh, come on guys, it’s Astralis we’re talking about here! If they get things rolling early on, which is something they’ve definitely done here, there’s no stopping them. ZywOo ought to have another one of those nights, but singlehandedly leading his team against the best CSGO roster of all time is perhaps a bit too much to ask of him, right?

While the map pool does give Vitality good chances of taking at least one map away from the Great Danes, snatching the second (read winning) one ought to be too much for the Frenchmen. They’re bound to get relegated to the lower bracket where they’ll have to square off against the better of Liquid and NaVi for the second change against Astralis in the grand finals.

Astralis vs. Vitality Picks

Pick: Astralis
Odds: -118
$100 Could Win You...$184.75
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